Monday, July 27, 2009

Day One.....

So Eric and I have decided that we really need to lose some weight.
And so today was day one of our new diet.
We ordered Smart For Life from Costco, which is a "cookie diet weight loss program."
(Although I must say that it is a very loose interpretation of a cookie)

It was kind of a rough day.
The "cookies" really aren't very big (like maybe a 2"x 2" square) and aren't very filling, which left us hungry all day! But at least we get to eat a real dinner.
Let's hope this works!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The joy of two-incomes

The best thing about my new job is that we finally have the money to buy a new comforter set!
I have wanted one pretty much since we got married.
(Sorry babe, I like the comforter you had but it was just manly and not pretty)
So last weekend we went out shopping and found a gorgeous new bed set.
Yay for being able to afford a pretty comforter
(and all the new pillows that we had to get in order to fill the shams!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

New phases....

So the week I started working was quite an eventful week (what a crazy time to start working!)

On June 12th Ali entered a new phase in her life.....
She graduated from High School!!!

Holy Cow! When did she grow up!

I am so proud of my little Booger Butt. She has truly grown into a beautiful, smart, talented young woman. I am so proud of what she has accomplished so far in life and I look forward to seeing what her future holds. She is such a good friend to me, I couldn't ask for a better sister.
I am so excited for Ali to start college in the fall (which is 100% official as of last night when she registered for her classes!).
Ali Bug, you're off to BYU!!!!

The eventful weekend continued with surprise party for my mom's 50th.
She told us in no uncertain terms that she did not want a party, but I was very adamant about throwing her a party since I missed my dad's.
So of course, being the loving daughter that I am I took her wishes into consideration and threw a party anyways! We chose to wait for the weekend after her birthday so that we could truly surprise her. And surprise her we did!! We had the party in the park down the street from my parents house and my dad got her there by saying they were going out for dinner. So, as they were passing the park my mom saw a huge group of people that she recognized. Her first thought was, "What is the ward doing at the park?" What a shock when my dad stopped the truck! She was angry at first (and threatening physical harm) but her heart was slowly softened and she ended up enjoying herself and her friends and family.

Mom's surprise face! And boy was she surprised!! (And I absolutely love Ali's face in this shot)

My sheepish face (thinking, "I can't believe we pulled this off!")

"Yeah, I did it!"

Eric is really proud of this panoramic that he took that shows the whole crowd, so I had to put it up!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yes, we are still alive!!!

So I called my parents last week and my dad goes, "We were just talking about you...You haven't blogged since you started working!"
I have had a major struggle getting used to this whole working thing! Especially since I don't get off until 5:00 (my last job I got off at 3:00). To top off getting used to a work schedule it has been a super crazy month!! It started off with Ali's graduation, a surprise party for my mom, Ali's graduation party, the 4th of July, and the craziness just ended with Youth Conference. In a perfect world I would have devoted an entire entry to each event and I hate that I never got around to it, but such is life! is an update on our life and what has been happening:

I'll start with my job. I LOVE IT! I love that I am able to finally have a job that uses my degree and is something that I truly enjoy doing. The week after I started they brought in another girl, so we split the duties of the legal department so that it is not overwhelming. I really enjoy my coworker and we get along really well. We definitely have our work cut out for us! The legal department at Renton Collections has had almost a constant turnover for the last 7 years, and the most recent employee left it a mess! Tons of documents were returned by the court or our attorney because there were errors and then she never fixed them! Since I haven't really gotten around to it, here is a basic rundown of my job: when the collectors are not able to get payments from the debt holders they turn the accounts over to us and I prepare the documents to start the lawuit and then later I will prepare the documents that will give us judgment against the debtor (which means that the court says we have the right to take a set amount of money from the debtor). Once we obtain judgment my coworker then prepares the paperwork that we need in order to garnish their bank account or their wage. My day is always full and almost always flies by! I love it!!
It is so nice to have a double income again! We are SO excited to be able to save money (and hopefully buy a house in the next year) and be able to afford to do some fun things again!

Well, I think that is enough for tonight....more to come tomorrow!