Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Couch Potato

So as of this morning I am officially a couch potato....
I had a follow up appointment for my blood pressure this morning and my blood pressure was high again! My doctor decided that if I come in and my blood pressure is high and then when they have me rest and then retake it and it is normal then it means I need to be resting.
So I am now on bed rest! I am allowed 1 outing a day (which, according to the nurse, does not mean going to the mall all day!) and I can still make dinner (lucky Eric), go grocery shopping, and do light housework. But I need to spend most of the day with my feet up.

So as we speak I am at home hanging out with Ali watching TLC. Gotta keep my baby girl safe and healthy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a week!!

I am so glad that this week is over! It was quite the crazy one!
It started out by my putting in my notice at work. I was really nervous to do that, mostly because my office does not always react kindly to people putting in notice! I was nervous that I would be treated like a pariah for the remainder of my time there. But my supervisor took it really well and it seemed like he completely understood my reasons for leaving. So I didn't end up getting any of the reactions that I thought I would, which is definitely a good thing! So I now officially have just 2 more weeks of work and then I get to prepare for my baby to come and to be a stay at home mom!!

I also had my 34 week appointment this week. My Dr. was out of town, so I was seeing the on call doctor in the practice. (Just like in my weird dream a week or so ago). So anyways, my blood pressure was a little high, which really isn't a new thing and hasn't worried my doctor yet, but the doctor I was seeing decided that it needed to be looked at further. So my 15 minute appointment turned into an hour long appointment. I was privileged to be able to lay down for 45 minutes while they hooked me up for a stress test! Brooklynn had the hiccups for like the first 10 minutes or so which was kind of funny to hear (and feel). Because of the hiccups and Brooklynn's position the monitor wasn't picking up her heartbeat very well, so with one hand I was holding down the monitor and with the other I was holding the button to push whenever Brooklynn moved. Let me tell you, it was quite comfortable! I also had the joy of getting my blood taken (again!) while I was laying down and from the arm that I was laying on as my free arm didn't have any good veins. Once the doctor came in to check out the results she didn't see anything that worried her, in fact she said "Oh, this is a beautiful baby!" My next scheduled appointment was 2 weeks away, and the doctor decided that that was too far away, so I get to go back on Tuesday so my doctor can check my blood pressure again.

Yesterday we went up to Woodinville so that Eric could by his motorcycle. People think that I am crazy for letting him get one, and I think my sister is more worried about him riding it than I am! But Eric is a smart man so I know that he will be smart about riding it.

The best event of the week is that Ali is home!!! We haven't seen her since Christmas and I have missed her a ton! I am so glad that she is home for the summer. And this will be the first and last time that she comes home for the summer because she is getting married in August! I can hardly even believe it! My little sister is getting married! I am so excited for her and can't wait to meet her fiance when he comes to visit the end of May (maybe we'll have a baby by then!).

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Monkey Pancakes

I was at JoAnn's the other night and found a monkey pancake mold for $.97 cents and just couldn't pass it up! So Eric and I had monkey pancakes this morning!

Eric getting ready to enjoy his pancakes in all of his morning glory!

Our little Monkey baby is continuing to grow (as I think you can tell)! It's been somewhat of a rough week for me. I have had a really hard time finding comfortable positions at work, or when I find one Brooklynn decides to push on my ribs or kick me! Not to mention not being able to breath! Good times! Luckily the end product is totally worth it!!!

6 1/2 weeks to go!! Wahoooo!!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

A weird dream

So lately I have been REALLY ready to have Brooklynn come so that I can hold her and love her. I am just so ready to meet her and kiss her and see what she looks like. I definitely do not want her to come before she is ready and know that she is ready right now, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to hold her and love her.

I think that my desire to hold my baby girl has manifested itself in my dreams because I had the weirdest dream last night!
I was at my doctor's appointment and while I was there the doctor took Brooklynn out and I got to hold her and kiss her and then she put her back in. I was so excited and happy to hold her and to be able to see her and it all seemed so completely normal and natural. As the doctor was putting her back in I thought, "Oh so it's her knees I've been feeling trying to push out of my side the last week!"

Anyone else have weird dreams during pregnancy or am I alone in the weird dream department?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Fun

I took Eric to the airport on Thursday morning so that he could go to California for his friend's wedding. He actually got to be in the wedding as Dar's Man of Merit (aka Maid of Honor). Go ahead and tease him, it's ok!
We decided that it was more economical for us if he went alone, plus I didn't think I could stay awake for the reception! (Come to find out I wouldn't have been able to! He called me last night as I was crawling into bed and the party was still alive and kicking!).
So, anyways...I have missed him the last few days and can't wait to pick him up tonight! But with Eric gone it was the perfect time to make use of my massage and pedicure gift certificate! Talk about nice and relaxing!! Best Birthday present ever!! I decided that I was going to make it a complete fun, girls day and so I went shopping with my mom and Nicole (and of course Bryson). I had so much fun shopping for Brooklynn! It's actually the first time that I have really gone out and shopped for her. We found some really cute things and I can't wait to put them on her!!

Speaking of Brooklynn....We had our 32 week appointment this week and things continue to look good. Brooklynn has definitely moved from her previous position. She used to sit pretty low and any movement I would feel would be super low (like below my belly, right under the waistband. Awkward, right?). But now she is more in my upper belly. Friday night I finally felt an actual body part pushing against me! I texted Eric and he asked me if it was a good thing and if we were excited about it. I told him that we were because it is a more real feeling than just the little inside pokes and flutters or feelings of gas! I was actually feeling her and it's awesome!!

Oh, so some other fun pregnancy things that have been happening:
We went to Red Robbin for my free birthday club burger and we got seated at one of their 2 person booths. Apparently those booths are smaller than their regular booths because I slid in and Brooklynn and I hit the edge of the table! I told Eric that I didn't fit and our waiter overheard and asked if we needed to move. And I think a table of guys overheard as well because I am pretty sure they were laughing at me!

A few weeks ago at work I was heading up to the front to talk to one of my co-workers and when I got to her desk she told me that she could see me coming. Then she said, "But the funny thing is that I saw your belly first!" Yes, I am 7 months pregnant and you can tell!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday/Easter Fun

We went to Wapato this past weekend to spend Easter and Birthdays with the Comptons.
Eric and I started out the weekend with dinner at XXX Diner.
I'm pretty easy to please! All it takes to make me a happy girl (especially these days) is big ol' juicy hamburger!!

Eric's dinner! A 3/4 lb burger....

Taking the first bite....nope, he didn't finish it (but I did!)

Since we got the weekend started out right it was only up from there! We had a great weekend spending time with family and watching Conference.
On Saturday Eric's brother, Steve, and his family came over from the Tri-Cities to spend the afternoon.

Owen comparing foot size between 6 month old Evan and 3 month old Bryson. Bryson is our big boy and winner!
Addison coming in for a no-handed drink!

We had an early Easter egg hunt with Owen and Addison. Once Addison got the hang of it she had a great time!

Eric's brother, Jacob, and I have the same birthday, so we also had some birthday celebrations thrown into the weekend too!

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Eric says my face in the first picture is my "Mission Face." Apparently I made that face in a lot of my mission pics!

31 weeks! I can't believe our sweet baby girl will be here in 2 months!!