Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a week!!

I am so glad that this week is over! It was quite the crazy one!
It started out by my putting in my notice at work. I was really nervous to do that, mostly because my office does not always react kindly to people putting in notice! I was nervous that I would be treated like a pariah for the remainder of my time there. But my supervisor took it really well and it seemed like he completely understood my reasons for leaving. So I didn't end up getting any of the reactions that I thought I would, which is definitely a good thing! So I now officially have just 2 more weeks of work and then I get to prepare for my baby to come and to be a stay at home mom!!

I also had my 34 week appointment this week. My Dr. was out of town, so I was seeing the on call doctor in the practice. (Just like in my weird dream a week or so ago). So anyways, my blood pressure was a little high, which really isn't a new thing and hasn't worried my doctor yet, but the doctor I was seeing decided that it needed to be looked at further. So my 15 minute appointment turned into an hour long appointment. I was privileged to be able to lay down for 45 minutes while they hooked me up for a stress test! Brooklynn had the hiccups for like the first 10 minutes or so which was kind of funny to hear (and feel). Because of the hiccups and Brooklynn's position the monitor wasn't picking up her heartbeat very well, so with one hand I was holding down the monitor and with the other I was holding the button to push whenever Brooklynn moved. Let me tell you, it was quite comfortable! I also had the joy of getting my blood taken (again!) while I was laying down and from the arm that I was laying on as my free arm didn't have any good veins. Once the doctor came in to check out the results she didn't see anything that worried her, in fact she said "Oh, this is a beautiful baby!" My next scheduled appointment was 2 weeks away, and the doctor decided that that was too far away, so I get to go back on Tuesday so my doctor can check my blood pressure again.

Yesterday we went up to Woodinville so that Eric could by his motorcycle. People think that I am crazy for letting him get one, and I think my sister is more worried about him riding it than I am! But Eric is a smart man so I know that he will be smart about riding it.

The best event of the week is that Ali is home!!! We haven't seen her since Christmas and I have missed her a ton! I am so glad that she is home for the summer. And this will be the first and last time that she comes home for the summer because she is getting married in August! I can hardly even believe it! My little sister is getting married! I am so excited for her and can't wait to meet her fiance when he comes to visit the end of May (maybe we'll have a baby by then!).


  1. Whoa! Big news! Leaving work and Ali getting married! My goodness. I hope your blood pressure doesn't escalate into preeclampsia, which is what caused me to deliver Asher and Soren at 35 weeks. Don't mess with the blood pressure and take the caution of your doctors seriously. You are almost there!

  2. It is big news! And I am definitely listening to the doctors! Brooklynn's health is the priority!

  3. I seriously am still freaking out about her being engaged. I cannot believe this!! I am sure that you saw my comments on her page. I freaked out, Cara... seriously. Little Piglet is getting married!!! SO CRAZY!

    I love you like crazy, my sweet Cara. :)