Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Fun

I took Eric to the airport on Thursday morning so that he could go to California for his friend's wedding. He actually got to be in the wedding as Dar's Man of Merit (aka Maid of Honor). Go ahead and tease him, it's ok!
We decided that it was more economical for us if he went alone, plus I didn't think I could stay awake for the reception! (Come to find out I wouldn't have been able to! He called me last night as I was crawling into bed and the party was still alive and kicking!).
So, anyways...I have missed him the last few days and can't wait to pick him up tonight! But with Eric gone it was the perfect time to make use of my massage and pedicure gift certificate! Talk about nice and relaxing!! Best Birthday present ever!! I decided that I was going to make it a complete fun, girls day and so I went shopping with my mom and Nicole (and of course Bryson). I had so much fun shopping for Brooklynn! It's actually the first time that I have really gone out and shopped for her. We found some really cute things and I can't wait to put them on her!!

Speaking of Brooklynn....We had our 32 week appointment this week and things continue to look good. Brooklynn has definitely moved from her previous position. She used to sit pretty low and any movement I would feel would be super low (like below my belly, right under the waistband. Awkward, right?). But now she is more in my upper belly. Friday night I finally felt an actual body part pushing against me! I texted Eric and he asked me if it was a good thing and if we were excited about it. I told him that we were because it is a more real feeling than just the little inside pokes and flutters or feelings of gas! I was actually feeling her and it's awesome!!

Oh, so some other fun pregnancy things that have been happening:
We went to Red Robbin for my free birthday club burger and we got seated at one of their 2 person booths. Apparently those booths are smaller than their regular booths because I slid in and Brooklynn and I hit the edge of the table! I told Eric that I didn't fit and our waiter overheard and asked if we needed to move. And I think a table of guys overheard as well because I am pretty sure they were laughing at me!

A few weeks ago at work I was heading up to the front to talk to one of my co-workers and when I got to her desk she told me that she could see me coming. Then she said, "But the funny thing is that I saw your belly first!" Yes, I am 7 months pregnant and you can tell!

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