Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday/Easter Fun

We went to Wapato this past weekend to spend Easter and Birthdays with the Comptons.
Eric and I started out the weekend with dinner at XXX Diner.
I'm pretty easy to please! All it takes to make me a happy girl (especially these days) is big ol' juicy hamburger!!

Eric's dinner! A 3/4 lb burger....

Taking the first bite....nope, he didn't finish it (but I did!)

Since we got the weekend started out right it was only up from there! We had a great weekend spending time with family and watching Conference.
On Saturday Eric's brother, Steve, and his family came over from the Tri-Cities to spend the afternoon.

Owen comparing foot size between 6 month old Evan and 3 month old Bryson. Bryson is our big boy and winner!
Addison coming in for a no-handed drink!

We had an early Easter egg hunt with Owen and Addison. Once Addison got the hang of it she had a great time!

Eric's brother, Jacob, and I have the same birthday, so we also had some birthday celebrations thrown into the weekend too!

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Eric says my face in the first picture is my "Mission Face." Apparently I made that face in a lot of my mission pics!

31 weeks! I can't believe our sweet baby girl will be here in 2 months!!

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you had a good one too. You are looking so dang cute with that baby belly. I know I have said this a bunch but I am excited to come and see you!