Friday, March 26, 2010

Botanical Fun

Last Sunday we met our friends, Dar and Steven, at the Botanical Garden in Bellevue.
It had been kind of a rainy yucky day, and I was really hoping that it would clear up enough so that we could walk around and actually enjoy it! Fortunately, the weather did cooperate! It is still a little too early for the whole garden to be in bloom, but it was still beautiful and it was so nice to be outside and enjoy the fresh air!!
Eric was "blending in" with his surroundings

Apparently we brought Peeping Tom with us!

I loved this flower! I have absolutely no idea what it is, but I thought it was beautiful.

Thanks Dar and Steven for going with us!!

29 weeks!! I know, we're at 30 weeks already, but I didn't get a chance to post earlier than this!

Monday, March 22, 2010


So, it only took close to a year and a half, but I finally printed a wedding picture to fill the empty frame above our fireplace! Seriously, am I a slacker or what?!?!?

Yay for no longer having an empty frame!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Early Celebrations

So my birthday is in two weeks (Holy Cow! I'm going to be 27!) but because of busy schedules we had to choose between celebrating with my parents 2 weeks early or 2 weeks after.
So I think for the first time in my life I celebrated my birthday before it was actually my birthday!My mom made a delicious dinner of chicken fried rice, sweet and sour pork and crab & cream cheese wantons. YUM!
Doesn't that look delicious?!?!?!

It was a pretty low-key evening. Just dinner and hanging out with the fam. What more could you ask for though?! A few weeks ago my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday and without hesitation I said "A massage!" So my family got me a gift certificate for a pregnancy massage and a pedicure! I am so excited! Eric is going out of town for his friends wedding in 3 weeks and it sounds like the perfect time to pamper myself!! I can't wait!! And Eric let me go shopping as an early birthday present so I could get some new shirts! Yay!!

My birthday would not be complete without Death by Chocolate (which is just a chocolate trifle made with brownies and pudding!) I think that it has been my dessert of choice for like the last 10 years! Why change something that is perfect?!?

Yup! I am really excited and of course, I was not disapointed!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's been awhile.....

Life has been a little bit busy and I feel like a lot has been going on.
First and foremost.....Brooklynn!! She is continuing to grow, of course, and so is my belly!
(I received a polite request for more prego pictures from Stephanie and Ali and I will do my best to comply).

We had our 28 week appointment on Wednesday and she still has a strong healthy heartbeat, which is always nice to hear.
I am finally experiencing sore, swollen feet. The funny thing is that my left foot gets twice as big as my right foot! I was thinking that that was because I have poor circulation and I worried that it would somehow affect Brooklynn. But my doctor says it's no cause for concern, so I'm good!

What else has been happening?
We sold Eric's car....We decided that we really don't need two cars since we carpool to work and hardly ever have separate things to do at the same time, i.e. we pretty much spend all our time outside of work together! And we definitely don't need two car payments!! It is so nice to lose a $250 monthly payment!! Another reason we decided to sell the car is because of a very big decision that we've made: I will not be going back to work after Brooklynn comes!! I am so happy and excited that we are in a position to allow me to stay home. I just don't want to send my sweet baby girl to daycare and have half of my income go to it! I am really hoping that I can bring in the little extra income we might need with my Tastefully Simple business .
(so if anyone wants to support me and help us check out my website
Another rather big decision has come from our decision to sell Eric's car. We know that with only having one car we may run into conflicts where we have different schedules/different places to be. (We've actually already had some small snags in our schedule, but worked them out rather well). fix this problem in the future we are buying a motorcycle for Eric! You may think I am crazy but I am totally ok with this decision! Since Eric has never really ridden a motorycle he is taking a motorcycle class, he got to ride yesterday and he had lots of fun!
In all my glory!