Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's all about change

So, it's official...I am now unemployed :-/ I had been working at a small financial firm since the end of last April. With the situation of the Market and economy in general they couldn't afford to keep me on full time. I had been planning on getting a paralegal certificate so that I could have recent education in my major and be better qualified to get a job in a law office. So I decided that this was perfect timing to start that process. I found a course online that was reasonably priced and started that on 12th (it's crazy that it's been almost a month now) and put in my notice at work. I have been looking for a new job pretty much since the end of December and figured I would have something by now.....not so much. Fortunately I have plenty to keep me busy! I still have quite a bit of decorating and organizing to do in the house and I need to start our wedding scrapbook, plus I have my school work. But hopefully I will be able to find a job before too long! (I know Eric would be really happy about that since we kinda need two, well I am perfectly content being home and taking care of things here. Of course I would like it much better if I had a baby to take care of!)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A work in Progress

So, my best friend Jennie has been bugging me for months to start a blog. I kept telling her that nothing exiting happens in my life and I really have nothing to blog about, but she kept insisting. Both of my parents started blogs and now I figure I can't really avoid Jennie's blog persistence anymore! So, you win Jen!! I finally broke down and started a blog (obviously). So to those of you who care, I hope you enjoy my work in progress....