Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's all about change

So, it's official...I am now unemployed :-/ I had been working at a small financial firm since the end of last April. With the situation of the Market and economy in general they couldn't afford to keep me on full time. I had been planning on getting a paralegal certificate so that I could have recent education in my major and be better qualified to get a job in a law office. So I decided that this was perfect timing to start that process. I found a course online that was reasonably priced and started that on 12th (it's crazy that it's been almost a month now) and put in my notice at work. I have been looking for a new job pretty much since the end of December and figured I would have something by now.....not so much. Fortunately I have plenty to keep me busy! I still have quite a bit of decorating and organizing to do in the house and I need to start our wedding scrapbook, plus I have my school work. But hopefully I will be able to find a job before too long! (I know Eric would be really happy about that since we kinda need two, well I am perfectly content being home and taking care of things here. Of course I would like it much better if I had a baby to take care of!)


  1. I thought the agreement was one year before you can do the baby thing. I suppose you can try and break Eric down earlier. Also, you need to post some pictures of your cute house on the blog. You dad mentioned how cute it is on his blog.

  2. The agreement was a year, but it was never something that I was 100% behind. I was just agreeing to it b/c it is what Eric wanted. I totally see where he is coming from and I understand that we do need "our time" but I want to start a family! I've kind of already broken him down...he said that once I find a new job we can revisit the baby agreement. I am definitely planning on putting some condo pics up...I just need to make some last finishing touches on my decorating, hopefully the beginning on next week.....

  3. I see you figure out hope how to style your blog. It looks way cute. Now if you go into your layout, then to colors and fonts, you can change the color of your text so it is easier to read. Keep up the great blogging!