Friday, May 28, 2010

39 weeks

39 WEEKS!!!!

I cannot believe how fast the last (basically) 9 months have gone. I honestly feel like we were just finding out that we were pregnant. When I called to make my first appointment, which was scheduled for like 3 weeks later I didn't think that date would ever get here! Now my precious baby girl could be here any day and I just can't believe it! I can not even begin to tell you how ready I am to have her here! I keep telling Eric that I want her out. And it's not because I am so uncomfortable and ready for this to be over (although I am uncomfortable and I would love to be done) but because I am SO ready to meet Brooklynn and hold her in my arms. I am so ready to study her perfect face and memorize every feature. I just want her here with me!

This has actually been an emotional and long week for me, even though it flew by! I've been having continual back labor and sporadic contractions. When you add that to my strong desire to see my baby girl what you get is every day ending in disappointment. So now I'm back to the beginning of my pregnancy. Although this time instead of thinking my appointment will never get here, it feels like my baby will never get here!

I would post a picture, but our camera is in the car with my hospital bag so that we don't forget it!! I'll have to take one tonight and add it later!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Small Freakout

So this morning I was doing my normal internet routine (check facebook, check out the blogging world and check my email) and discovered that for some reason my blog had been removed! And apparently that reason is that my email was hacked!! My account is now disabled for 24 hours because I either sent more than 100 emails at one time or had too many undeliverable mail returns. Not a fun trick to play on an almost full term pregnant woman!!
(Sorry if anyone received a crazy or absurd amount of email from me!
I seriously almost cried when I couldn't find my blog. But fortunately (and obviously) I was able to recover my blog, and Eric didn't even have to help me!!

What's the best way to fix a little morning stress out???? A cupcake of course!!
We went to dinner with our friends Dar and Steven last night for Eric's birthday and they brought Trophy Cupcakes for dessert. (Love, love, love Trophy Cupcakes!!).

Thanks Dar and Steven for dinner and the delicious cupcakes!! A Neapolitan cupcake goes a long way towards soothing a hormonal pregnant woman!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

So close!!!!

Holy Cow!! We are 38 weeks today!!!
I can hardly believe that we are only 2 weeks from the end! Our Doctor's appointment went well today. Brooklynn's heartbeat was good and we are 1 1/2 cm dilated and she appears to have dropped. I am happy that the cramps and back labor I have been experiencing the last few weeks finally have something to show for it! And I am definitely excited and ready to get this party started!! If only we could get Brooklynn to understand that she can't push her way out through my right side!! We keep telling her that she has to go down in order to come out!
Don't mind my gross face and nappy hair (it was bugging me and I had just thrown it up!)

Yesterday I went shopping to get the rest of the things that I felt like we needed to have right now. So I am feeling pretty good about being prepared, or as prepared as we can be since we really don't know what we are getting into!! It's so funny because I have wanted to be a mother and have children of my own for as long as I can remember, but the closer we get to Brooklynn being here the more nervous I become! Some days I wonder what the heck I was thinking and seriously question whether or not I am ready and capable to have a baby. And some days I am just scared out of my mind. Can I really do this? Man, I sure hope so because it's a little too late to back out now! Fortunately for me I have an amazing and wonderful partner (who is probably more scared than I am!) and I look forward to stumbling our way through this whole parenting thing with him.

Speaking of Eric....he completely 100% touched my heart tonight. He created a blog just for Brooklynn so that he can share his thoughts and feelings about her for her to read about. How sweet is that?!?! He seriously made me cry when he showed it to me.
Thank you, love, for being an amazing husband and companion and for already being an amazing father. I love you so much and I know that Brooklynn is going to love you too!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Newest Compton

Nope.....not ours!
Eric's brother Jacob and his wife, Alissa, had their baby girl on May 5. We headed over to Ellensburg last Saturday so that we could meet little Chloe.

One of the rare moments of Chloe being awake while we were with them on Saturday. If you're thinking she looks small, it's because she is! She was 5lbs 1/2 oz when she was born (and probably isn't too much bigger than that yet)! She is just a precious little thing.

Uncle Eric with Addison and Chloe.

Eric loves his nieces (and his nephews) and he took every opportunity that he had to hold Chloe. I love watching him with them. He is going to be an amazing father and I can't wait to watch him with Brooklynn!

It was a beautiful day on the East side, so we took a little field trip to the park. Addison was so funny, she didn't want to play unless Bryson was right there with her! So Nicole, Bryson, and Addison had some fun!

Bryson is still the big boy in the family! Can you believe he is only 5 months?!?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 weeks to go!!!

I can NOT believe that Brooklynn is so close to being here!
We are due in 3 weeks (well 3 weeks on Thursday) and I have no idea where the time has gone. Seriously, the last 36 weeks have flown by faster than I could have imagined!
Brooklynn's arrival is becoming more and more real each day, especially has we are preparing our home for her.
And how do you prepare a one bedroom condo for a third member of the family?
However you can!
We've turned our dining room into Brooklynn's "room". We've taken out our dining table (which was really only being used to put things on!) and replaced it with a dresser and changing table. Brooklynn will be sleeping in our room for the first months and hopefully by the time we are ready to move her into a crib we will be in a bigger place!

I am so ready to have this baby! I want to hold her and love her so bad! I know she is going to come until she is ready and it's her time, but I'm ready now so she can come anytime as far as I am concerned!

I also decided that I needed more "baby friendly" hair. My hair was getting really long, which I love, but it was so long that it was constantly getting caught under my purse strap or in the seat belt as it realeases! I absolutely did not want to have to worry about my hair getting caught in a diaper bag strap while I am holding Brooklynn. So I pretty much chopped it off! What do you think?

"Bedrest" must be doing something right because my blood pressure was good at my last appointment. I have been having some braxton hicks contractions and also what my mom says is "back labor" but as of last Thursday I have not dilated any (I know it's probably still early, but I was really hoping that we were getting this party started!). Eric wont let me walk very much right now because it really gets my back labor going! We went to Pike's Place on Saturday to get flowers for Mother's day and walked around for like 20 minutes or so when my lower back started to hurt. As soon as I told Eric he said "Ok, you're done!" and back to the car we went! Good thing we'd already picked out our flowers!!

(Eric thinks it's a little ridiculous that I make him take a picture of me every week, but I told him he still had to do it!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Party Week

Despite being put on bed rest the beginning of last week I still managed to have a pretty eventful week with two baby showers!

I had a shower on Tuesday night with the ladies in my ward. I was so proud of myself for remembering to grab our camera on the way out the door and then when we got there Ali told me that my memory card was full. It was then that I remembered the I left the memory card in the computer from the last time I blogged! What a dork. So despite not having any pictures to prove it, the shower was a lot of fun. Brooklynn got a lot of really cute clothes and I can't wait for her to wear them! Our friend Maria found an amazing outfit for us. It's a blue sleeper that has "Brooklyn" across the front of it. As soon as I opened it I knew that Eric would love it. He was so excited when he saw it and he says he wants her to wear it until she is 3o!

Jennie and Sophie flew up on Thursday to throw me a shower Saturday morning. It was great to be able to spend some time with Jennie (she babysat me while I went grocery shopping~which is on the doctor approved activities list!) and to see Sophie. The shower on Saturday was a lot of fun as well, I got to see a lot of friends that I haven't seen in quite a while. And Brooklynn got more super cute clothes and some all important gear (like a pack 'n' play and a bouncer and a baby monitor).