Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Small Freakout

So this morning I was doing my normal internet routine (check facebook, check out the blogging world and check my email) and discovered that for some reason my blog had been removed! And apparently that reason is that my email was hacked!! My account is now disabled for 24 hours because I either sent more than 100 emails at one time or had too many undeliverable mail returns. Not a fun trick to play on an almost full term pregnant woman!!
(Sorry if anyone received a crazy or absurd amount of email from me!
I seriously almost cried when I couldn't find my blog. But fortunately (and obviously) I was able to recover my blog, and Eric didn't even have to help me!!

What's the best way to fix a little morning stress out???? A cupcake of course!!
We went to dinner with our friends Dar and Steven last night for Eric's birthday and they brought Trophy Cupcakes for dessert. (Love, love, love Trophy Cupcakes!!).

Thanks Dar and Steven for dinner and the delicious cupcakes!! A Neapolitan cupcake goes a long way towards soothing a hormonal pregnant woman!!

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