Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 weeks to go!!!

I can NOT believe that Brooklynn is so close to being here!
We are due in 3 weeks (well 3 weeks on Thursday) and I have no idea where the time has gone. Seriously, the last 36 weeks have flown by faster than I could have imagined!
Brooklynn's arrival is becoming more and more real each day, especially has we are preparing our home for her.
And how do you prepare a one bedroom condo for a third member of the family?
However you can!
We've turned our dining room into Brooklynn's "room". We've taken out our dining table (which was really only being used to put things on!) and replaced it with a dresser and changing table. Brooklynn will be sleeping in our room for the first months and hopefully by the time we are ready to move her into a crib we will be in a bigger place!

I am so ready to have this baby! I want to hold her and love her so bad! I know she is going to come until she is ready and it's her time, but I'm ready now so she can come anytime as far as I am concerned!

I also decided that I needed more "baby friendly" hair. My hair was getting really long, which I love, but it was so long that it was constantly getting caught under my purse strap or in the seat belt as it realeases! I absolutely did not want to have to worry about my hair getting caught in a diaper bag strap while I am holding Brooklynn. So I pretty much chopped it off! What do you think?

"Bedrest" must be doing something right because my blood pressure was good at my last appointment. I have been having some braxton hicks contractions and also what my mom says is "back labor" but as of last Thursday I have not dilated any (I know it's probably still early, but I was really hoping that we were getting this party started!). Eric wont let me walk very much right now because it really gets my back labor going! We went to Pike's Place on Saturday to get flowers for Mother's day and walked around for like 20 minutes or so when my lower back started to hurt. As soon as I told Eric he said "Ok, you're done!" and back to the car we went! Good thing we'd already picked out our flowers!!

(Eric thinks it's a little ridiculous that I make him take a picture of me every week, but I told him he still had to do it!)


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  2. I love your hair! I can't believe you are due in 3 weeks. That went by so quickly! Good Luck, can't wait to see pics of your cutie :)

  3. Congrats, it's amazing at the beginning you can't wait and the time goes so slow. But now the end is here and you wonder where the time actually went. I hope you enjoyed your pregnancy, it's a miracle.

  4. You look great. Kinda remind me of Aunt Penny.

  5. LOVE your hair!! :) Love your tummy! LOVE YOU!!! I cannot WAIT to meet Brooklynn either!! Tell her to hurry up!

  6. Yes! You remind me of my mom too! You look more like her than I do! It is NOT silly to take those weekly belly shots, it is tradition and a will soon be great historical evidence of your pregnancy. Three weeks?! Sheesh. I only made it 35.

  7. I totally love your hair! It is super cute. I am excited for Brooklynn to get her too. Hang in there. I had full on labor contractions for 6 days before I started dilating. Good Luck!