Thursday, May 20, 2010

So close!!!!

Holy Cow!! We are 38 weeks today!!!
I can hardly believe that we are only 2 weeks from the end! Our Doctor's appointment went well today. Brooklynn's heartbeat was good and we are 1 1/2 cm dilated and she appears to have dropped. I am happy that the cramps and back labor I have been experiencing the last few weeks finally have something to show for it! And I am definitely excited and ready to get this party started!! If only we could get Brooklynn to understand that she can't push her way out through my right side!! We keep telling her that she has to go down in order to come out!
Don't mind my gross face and nappy hair (it was bugging me and I had just thrown it up!)

Yesterday I went shopping to get the rest of the things that I felt like we needed to have right now. So I am feeling pretty good about being prepared, or as prepared as we can be since we really don't know what we are getting into!! It's so funny because I have wanted to be a mother and have children of my own for as long as I can remember, but the closer we get to Brooklynn being here the more nervous I become! Some days I wonder what the heck I was thinking and seriously question whether or not I am ready and capable to have a baby. And some days I am just scared out of my mind. Can I really do this? Man, I sure hope so because it's a little too late to back out now! Fortunately for me I have an amazing and wonderful partner (who is probably more scared than I am!) and I look forward to stumbling our way through this whole parenting thing with him.

Speaking of Eric....he completely 100% touched my heart tonight. He created a blog just for Brooklynn so that he can share his thoughts and feelings about her for her to read about. How sweet is that?!?! He seriously made me cry when he showed it to me.
Thank you, love, for being an amazing husband and companion and for already being an amazing father. I love you so much and I know that Brooklynn is going to love you too!!


  1. Yay! Excited! And that is such a cute idea to have a blog for Brooklyn. Is it up yet? I wanna follow (unless it'll just be a private thing for you guys). A friend of mine created a blog for his son, starting with an entry about how the labor went and all that. ^_^

  2. You will be a great mother, I know it! I keep journals just for each of my children (I can't wait until there old enough to read the funny things they do or tell me), it's great idea and even better that Eric started it.

  3. I love you. That is all. You will be the most amazing mother ever! Did you ever read the cards that I gave you at the shower??? You have been a mom to me for years... :P You've got this locked and loaded!!