Monday, April 2, 2012

Moving Day!!

We were finally able to move "into" our house. I say "into" because while our belongings are now in the house and we have checked out of our apartment, we are NOT actually living in our house! (But I'll get to that...)

Our plan for moving was to take Wednesday and Thursday to move things over (because of Conference weekend we didn't want to do it on Saturday) and then Friday to unpack before we headed over the mountain to spend the weekend with the Comptons. We were promised by our contractor over and over that the house would be ready for us to move on Wednesday. The carpet was supposed to be put in Tuesday/Wednesday and definitely done by 2:00. So we were going to finish packing the apartment and then head over the the house to do some cleaning and make it livable after the construction. Then we would go back to the apartment on Thursday grab anything that was left behind and clean the apartment.

Eric stopped by the house on the way to get the rental truck and the carpet people told him they would be done by 4:00. Ok, we can deal with that. We adjusted our plan and packed up the truck then moved everything that didn't fit into the truck to the living room so that we could clean the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom. We can definitely roll with the flow. We had taken Brooklynn to a friend's house to play while we were working (thanks again Jami!) and on our way home from picking her up we swung by the house to see if they were done (it is now 4:30). They tell us that they have about another hour (which is what they told my Dad when he went by the house looking for us at 5:00)! So we ate dinner and then headed to the house. They were still not done, but were so very close. They were finishing up the master bedroom and bathroom. So we unloaded the truck and set aside anything that needed to be in those 2 rooms to move in when they were done.

They finally finished the carpet and bathroom floor around 6:30 and we (and by "we" I mean Eric, our amazing family, and amazing friend Trenton. I don't know what we would have done without the Little's, they have been such amazing friends to us the last few weeks!) finally finished unloading a load and a half of the moving truck around 8:00-8:30. 

So, why aren't we living in the house?? Well, when the flooring guys left on Wednesday night all we had in way of a bathroom was a beautiful new floor, a tub (with no walls or shower head), and a half bath with a toilet sitting in the middle of the floor and a toilet that desperately needed to be cleaned. All of our window need the finishing work for the molding and whatnot and half of our bedroom and living room needs baseboards installed! It just was not very plausible to unpack and set up beds when there was so much work to be done still in the house, not to mention that it was already past Brooklynn's bedtime! So we packed up some clothes and headed to my parents house.

We stopped by the house last night after we got home from Wapato and the windows are now fully framed and the bathroom is functional (but still needs some wall touch ups and baseboard). The baseboards in the living room and master should be done by the end of the day, and hopefully they will finish the bathroom as well (*crossing fingers*). We will probably remain at my parents house for the next week and spend the evenings unpacking and setting up furniture. As soon as we are somewhat organized we can vacate my parents house and give them their space back! Hopefully our kitchen cabinets will arrive in the next few days and they will be able to complete the kitchen by the weekend so we wont have to spend too much time without a kitchen or washer and dryer.

Our camera got put in the drawer of our entertainment center and thus in the moving truck, so I didn't get any photos of the moving process. Also, because of the hectic schedule of the flooring guys and getting our things moved in I also didn't get the shots that I wanted of the empty rooms, but I took some pictures of the rooms with our stuff piled in on my phone. So this is what our house looks like right now:
Living room, facing the kitchen
Living room, view basically from the corner
where the fridge is in the previous picture
craft/spare room
Kid's room (this room has a tough angle to photograph
because the wall sits out  a little bit right by the door)
Full bath (this was taken the morning after we moved our things in,
the night before there was no vanity or shower wall surround.)
Master bedroom. We don't have a walk-in closet, but this is still the largest closet we have had thus far!
Bad lighting, but unfinished window in master
(and our new car out the window) 
New carpet and missing baseboard in master
Half bath
another view