Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Job Update

Just a short update on interviews...
I had an interview with a small firm downtown last week.
I met with 2 of the partners and it went really well.
This morning I had a second interview to meet with the managing partner, which also went well.
So....I should hear by the end of the week.
Cross your fingers for me!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I spent most of this past weekend in Seattle.
My friends Kristin and Eric got married and Kristin asked me to be in their wedding.
So it was a whirlwind, fun-filled weekend full of late nights and lots of girl time.
I had so much fun, but I learned that I am way too old for late nights and little sleep! What happened to those days when I could go a week with like 4-5 hours sleep a night?!

The lovely Bride and Groom.

The beautiful bridal party.

Eric and I (of course).
Oh yeah...my mom and I made my bridesmaid dress. I was so excited to make my first dress. We had some slight snags but it turned out beautiful and I am so proud of it!

Congratulations Eric and Kristin! We love you and are so happy for you!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The end and possibly the beginning?

It's Over!!!
I finally finished my Paralegal course !!
(well, I still have to do the course evaluation but for all intents and purposes, it is over)
It feels SO good to be done.
This second half of the course was very intense and at times I didn't know how I was going to get the work done. But I always pulled through and figured it out.
I am very glad that I took the course and even more glad that it is over!

During a few of my struggling moments while taking the course I started thinking that the reason I wasn't having more success finding a job was because the Lord wanted me to succeed in the course and knew I would have an even tougher time if I was working. Sort of a blessing in disguise I guess. After the past week I am definitely thinking that that is the truth.
It seems that I am getting a lot of "bites" right now. On Monday I had an interview with a "headhunter" for a position on Capital Hill (not really an ideal location commuting wise, but beggars can't be choosers), on Thursday I got a call about another position and have an interview for that this Wednesday, and on Friday I got an email about another position and I had an interview for that yesterday. I really feel good about the interview that I had yesterday and should know in the next few days if I have a job or not.

Things are really starting to look good, and I am so grateful and happy. The Lord is truly blessing me, and us. I see His hand in our lives right now and can't wait for what He has in store for us.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wedding Quilt

So when we got married my aunts cut out some quilt squares and had them at our reception so that people could write messages for us. When we were in Utah this past weekend my Aunt Gaye gave us the completed quilt. It is absolutely beautiful and we loved reading the messages that our friends and family left for us.

There it is, our beautiful quilt.

A close up of one of the corners.

Thanks Aunt Gaye for the beautiful quilt!! We love it so much and appreciate the hard work that you put into it. It will be a wonderful memory of our wedding day for the rest of our lives.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend Fun

This past weekend Eric and I took a trip to Utah for General Conference and a Mission Reunion (oh and my birthday too!). We stayed with Mike, Jennie, and Sophie and had so much fun with them. Sophie is so stinking cute and I had so much fun lovin' on her!!

We got last minute tickets to the Saturday Afternoon session of Conference and had some great seats. It was kind of cold in Salt Lake that day, so we didn't spend too much time walking around the temple.

View from our seats....

Photo Op outside the Conference Center

Jennie and I got to hang out while the boys went to the Priesthood session then we met them for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Yum!!! Eric, being the loving husband that he is decided that I needed to be embarrased and so he informed our waitress that it was my birthday. I had the pleasure of sitting on their "horse" while they wished me a happy birthday. (Sorry, the only picture Eric took was very unflattering and so I will not be putting it up!)

Sunday was a beautiful day so we went with Mike and Jennie down to Manti. We walked around the Temple and had a picnic. It was so nice to just hang out outside and enjoy the weather and the beautiful Temple.

On the way home Eric put on Sophie's headband and Jennie's sunglasses....What did I get myself into?! My husband is crazy!!

Man, she is so stinking cute! I just want to eat her up!!

Monday was absolutely gorgeous!! I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and at times was wishing I had short sleeves on! We went in to Salt Lake again so that we could spend some time at Temple Square. It was the perfect day to walk around!
We had such a great weekend!! Thanks Mike and Jennie for letting us stay with you and making our weekend so awesome!! Love you!!