Monday, April 27, 2009

I spent most of this past weekend in Seattle.
My friends Kristin and Eric got married and Kristin asked me to be in their wedding.
So it was a whirlwind, fun-filled weekend full of late nights and lots of girl time.
I had so much fun, but I learned that I am way too old for late nights and little sleep! What happened to those days when I could go a week with like 4-5 hours sleep a night?!

The lovely Bride and Groom.

The beautiful bridal party.

Eric and I (of course).
Oh mom and I made my bridesmaid dress. I was so excited to make my first dress. We had some slight snags but it turned out beautiful and I am so proud of it!

Congratulations Eric and Kristin! We love you and are so happy for you!


  1. I love that you have a blog. This way I can keep up with and possible still be your friend.

  2. I love your dress. It totally came out cute. Great job!

  3. You look great, so does the dress. Dont you love that your mom can help you just whip something up.

  4. Thanks! I absolutely love that my mom can help whip something up! It is awesome!