Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Newest Compton

Nope.....not ours!
Eric's brother Jacob and his wife, Alissa, had their baby girl on May 5. We headed over to Ellensburg last Saturday so that we could meet little Chloe.

One of the rare moments of Chloe being awake while we were with them on Saturday. If you're thinking she looks small, it's because she is! She was 5lbs 1/2 oz when she was born (and probably isn't too much bigger than that yet)! She is just a precious little thing.

Uncle Eric with Addison and Chloe.

Eric loves his nieces (and his nephews) and he took every opportunity that he had to hold Chloe. I love watching him with them. He is going to be an amazing father and I can't wait to watch him with Brooklynn!

It was a beautiful day on the East side, so we took a little field trip to the park. Addison was so funny, she didn't want to play unless Bryson was right there with her! So Nicole, Bryson, and Addison had some fun!

Bryson is still the big boy in the family! Can you believe he is only 5 months?!?


  1. Now it's YOUR turn! FYI - my schedule is fairly clear from this weekend until the 12th of June, so anytime you want to have that little girl I will come a'running! :P

  2. Good to know Manhands!! Brooklynn and I did have a little talk a week or so ago and when we looked at a calendar and decided that May 21 looked good (just a few days away) so we'll let you know!