Friday, May 28, 2010

39 weeks

39 WEEKS!!!!

I cannot believe how fast the last (basically) 9 months have gone. I honestly feel like we were just finding out that we were pregnant. When I called to make my first appointment, which was scheduled for like 3 weeks later I didn't think that date would ever get here! Now my precious baby girl could be here any day and I just can't believe it! I can not even begin to tell you how ready I am to have her here! I keep telling Eric that I want her out. And it's not because I am so uncomfortable and ready for this to be over (although I am uncomfortable and I would love to be done) but because I am SO ready to meet Brooklynn and hold her in my arms. I am so ready to study her perfect face and memorize every feature. I just want her here with me!

This has actually been an emotional and long week for me, even though it flew by! I've been having continual back labor and sporadic contractions. When you add that to my strong desire to see my baby girl what you get is every day ending in disappointment. So now I'm back to the beginning of my pregnancy. Although this time instead of thinking my appointment will never get here, it feels like my baby will never get here!

I would post a picture, but our camera is in the car with my hospital bag so that we don't forget it!! I'll have to take one tonight and add it later!

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  1. Soon enough, the only advice I can give at this stage is to sleep.