Thursday, June 3, 2010

40 weeks?!?!?!

40 Weeks?!?!? Seriously?
Yup, today is our due date and not much has been happening at all! In fact, more stuff was happening last week than this week. I have been feeling great all week and possibly better than I have the last few months. What gives?

I was really hoping to be able to avoid my 40 week checkup, but no good. So this morning I had an ultrasound and an NST. Everything looked good, in fact the Doctor said Brooklynn was the happiest baby she has seen in awhile. Apparently she is so happy that she just doesn't want to come out and meet the world! If she doesn't decide to come out in the next few days I get to go back on Monday and do it all again!

The weather hasn't been all that great lately, so even though I have been wanting to get out and walk it's been too gross to do that. Yesterday I decided that I would go walk around the mall, which I did for 2 hours. And today was way nicer, weather-wise, so I got outside and walked for an hour. I'm really hoping that my walking excursions will help convince Brooklynn that it is time for her to come!!

Here's hoping.....

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