Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Hospital Stay

So we ended up staying in the Hospital until Wednesday afternoon (good thing they had on demand movies and internet!), although looking back I sort of wish that we had decided to stay one more night. 
I pretty much was bed ridden for the first 12 hours after Brooklynn was born, I think mostly due to the fact that my legs were still numb and so I wouldn't have been able to walk anyways!
 Our night nurse that night was absolutely amazing! She was extremely helpful in getting me and Brooklynn on the same page and able to nurse. The first time she got me out of bed was definitely painful! I had to roll onto my stomach and then sit up while simultaneously lowering my legs to the floor. Every move I made seemed to pull at my incisions! Getting back into bed was just as hard and I couldn't bring my legs up by myself (good thing I have an amazing husband who was always right there to help me when I needed him). 
Since it was extremely hard and took me quite a while to get in/out bed Eric was on Brooklynn duty. He changed her diapers, brought her to me when she needed to nurse and calmed her when she was upset. It was pretty amazing to see him take to his new roll so naturally. He was so good with her and was so amazing at getting her to calm down. I am so happy that he was able to have this time to bond with her, even if it was hard for me to not be able to do anything but lay in bed. 
Eric is such an amazing father and you can see the love that he has for his little girl. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and such an amazing father for my children! 
I love you Eric!!

Here are some pictures of Brooklynn's first days:

Minutes after being born. Eric said she was calm and peaceful and then he would point the camera at her and he would get this face!
What a big girl!
First bath...
....not enjoying it too much!
Daddy's little girl!
Still trying to help her with her sucking, plus it had a calming effect on her!
Her favorite sleep position, which I started calling the frog position. She loves to have her hands up by her head and her knees dropped to either side.

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