Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's about time!!!!


After 4 1/2 months of being out of work
and nearly 6 months of job searching I finally have a job!!

And I start TOMORROW! Holy Cow!

I am SO excited!!!

So I will be working for Renton Collections Inc., which obviously is a collection agency in Renton, as their legal secretary. It is a pretty small office, I think they said there are about 25 employees in the office. They have a small legal department in house that works in conjunction with a lawyer out of Federal Way. When a payment plan cannot be worked out with a debtor legal proceedings need to be started to garnish wages, etc. I'm not sure about the whole process and what specifically gets done. But as the legal secretary I will be preparing the documents to start the legal process against the debtors. There will be a lot of learning in the next few weeks as I get trained by the person I will be replacing (thank goodness for that!).

I am just so excited that I finally have a job! I am glad that it is close to home and I won't have a huge commute and I am especially excited that I will be doing something in the legal realm.
But mostly I am just so grateful to finally receive an answer to our prayers! It has been a struggle for me to wait patiently on the Lord (maybe a lesson I needed to learn?) and trust in His timing. But I know that He has always been in control and had a plan for me. I know that He guided me throughout the whole process and I am grateful to know that He was always there with me. I am so thankful for His loving care and guidance.

I also need to thank my biggest supporter...Eric! He always had so much faith in me and my abilities. Whenever I would have moments of despair he would lovingly remind me that I am amazing and I would get a job and until I did we would be okay. He has been so patient with me, I'm sure at times I wasn't the easiest to deal with! Thank you, love, for always supporting me, for loving me, and for comforting me during this trial!. I love you so much and I am so grateful for you!


  1. Happy Day! Congrats! Good Luck on your first day

  2. How great is this!!!!Collections is easy we do it at my office all the time. You'll pick it up so fast. Woo!!! Hoo!!!!!