Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Made for Easter

My little girl was MADE for Easter! 
She loves, loves, loves to pick things up so I knew that we would be able to get her to pick up the eggs, but I wasn't quite sure what she would do with them once she picked them up. 
The weekend before Easter my friend Jennie was in town with her daughter, Sophie, and we got together with them for some pre-Easter festivities which of course involved an egg hunt and a little mini-High School Reunion. Brooklynn totally rocked that egg hunt. We, of course, had to point the eggs out to her because she had no idea what they were or what the point was. Everytime we pointed out an egg to her she would pick it up and put it in her basket (with some coaching). She picked up about 6 of her eggs and then was more interested in playing with the eggs and all the other fun things outside. 
Jennie's daughter, Sophie
Those ears stayed on like 20 seconds!

Off to get her first egg!

I just love that look of determination on her face!

Randa, Me, Jennie, Roxie

We also had an egg hunt with our ward last Saturday. Brooklynn was definitely the youngest and smallest of the hunters and the competition at this egg hunt was way stiffer! I had to stop a kid from picking up an egg I was pointing out for Brooklynn to come get. She was too slow to get much, but she managed to "find" herself 4 eggs.

We didn't do too much on Easter Sunday. I had a small basket for Brooklynn, but totally forgot that I was going to get her some baby snacks to put in them. Oops! Luckily she also got a basket from my parents with some treats in it. After church we had a great meal with my parents at the Olson's house, and I of course ate way too much! It was definitely low-key, but that's how we like it!

This is pretty much the best shot I could get of Brooklynn standing
up in the dress my mom made for her. It was SO cute!!
(Oh and she almost always has just one sock, or in this case shoe, on)

Oooh! What's in here?!?!


  1. I am digging her Easter hunt outfit!!! :)

  2. I really like your dark hair Cara, you pull it off very well. Also I can not get over how stinking cute Brooklynn is.