Saturday, June 11, 2011


This picture has nothing to do with Celebrating her birthday, but she was super cute  when she took over Daddy's side of the bed when he got up for work.
Brooklynn was a lucky girl and got a few days of celebrations her birthday, aside from her Birthday party last week. On Tuesday, after her 12 month check-up, we went and visited Daddy at work and went to see all the ladies over at City Hall. They love to fawn over her and she just soaks up the attention. A little bit later that afternoon we met some friends at the park for a play date and cupcakes. Brooklynn loves the park and she got to use her new sand toys in the awesome sand pit.

Our super cute friend Alice that we don't see very often since we moved. 

Brooklynn loves to play in sand and eat sand! I even got her lowering
her mouth to the sand to lick it up!

 Eric took the day off on Wednesday so that we could take Brooklynn to the Zoo. We didn't know quite how she would do. But she really loves animals, so we were hoping that she would have fun. It was a great day for the zoo. We went to Point Defiance and got there just as the school field trips were leaving! Perfect timing!! The weather was great. It wasn't hot, wasn't cold, and most importantly it wasn't rainy! Brooklynn had a great time! I think her favorite part was the aquarium, she really seemed to love looking in all the tanks. She also liked any of the animals that had water in their habitat, but mostly because she wanted to get in the water! She was trying so hard to join the sea otters!

This is what she was seeing....Lemurs sleeping
Dancing Elephant and super cute pigtail girl!

The octopus came out from under the rock just to say hi to us!
So pretty!

Let me in there!!
I thought it was super cute watching Brooklynn and Eric walking.
Eric was wondering what was taking me so long!
The Polar Bears were non-existent. It's a sore subject.
We 're not gonna talk about it.
She crashed about 20 seconds after we put her in the stroller.
It's hard work looking at animals!

Love this happy face!
She loved this spinning cup thing. It would spin in a complete 360 and she
even figured out how to mover her upper body to get it to rotate herself.
Smart cookie! 

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