Saturday, July 30, 2011

Still Just a Baby

We have been getting so frustrated with Brooklynn lately. She is so feisty and strong willed and is in a stage where she thinks it's funny to do things that we are telling her not to do. She loves to dump her food off her plate/bowl and she throws it on the floor if it's not something she wants to eat or if she is done eating. She dumps out her entire box of toys just to dump it out and then will dump it out while we are picking it up. She has started throwing dirt/rocks at people (namely me). She'll turn on/off the TV and then play with the buttons on the side. Nothing we say or do curbs this unwanted behavior. I was talking to my friend Jennie about it yesterday and she helped open my eyes to the fact that Brooklynn is still just a baby! It is so easy for us to forget that she is just barely 1 year old because she is so capable and confident in her movement and abilities. She may be able to climb on anything she wants or run and kick and a ball but she just doesn't have the mental capacity to understand consequences and retain the information of what she should and shouldn't do. Thank you Jen for the reminder that we have a BABY and we are the ones that need to be patient and understanding of her learning and growth!


  1. Sometime it takes someone to remind us of something we already know. You are a great mommy.

  2. I remind myself of this daily! C's not even 18 months, but has been walking for a year already, so of course I think he's more capable and "older" than other kiddos who aren't as fast... its hard to stay realistic.