Sunday, November 1, 2009

9 Weeks

Alright, so I have been pretty non-existent on the blog front lately. I blame my sickness! I get home from work and just can't really do anything at all! Poor Eric has not only had to deal with a sick, pregnant wife but he has also had to pick up the slack around the house. Good thing I have such an amazing husband who is willing to help me out and deal with me at the same time! Hopefully the next 3 weeks will be the last of my sickness and I will be back to my normal self and able to do things, like keep the house clean!!

We went to our first doctor appointment on Thursday and had our first ultrasound!! It was so amazing to see our little baby, and even more amazing that they know it is a baby!! Right now our little one is 2 cm, so tiny!! It is going to be amazing to feel it grow and I can't wait for our 20 week ultrasound to actually see it! We also got to hear and see the heartbeat (which was 174 bpm), which was absolutely amazing!

I feel so blessed to have this wonderful opportunity to bring a child into the world and I look forward to the next few months and all the changes that will occur as the baby grows and develops.


  1. Your baby looks beautiful!!!!! After three pregnancys you can really see the baby on an ultrasound.

  2. Congratulations Cara! That's so fun. So, I'm putting my guess in now that it's a boy. The boys always make me the sickest :)

  3. So fun! I am so excited for you. I hope that you stop being sick for your own sake. Since you are taking care of the baby, it only seems right that Eric gets to take on more responsibility too.

  4. Fun! I still can't tell what is what in an ultrasound, you'd think I'd know by now. It's like that friends episode!
    You know, they say girls have a higher hearbeat in the womb. I believe average is around 150.
    So now I think you're having a girl! Can't wait to find out!