Sunday, February 21, 2010

25 weeks?!?!!?

So my Dad likes to use the countdown app on his iphone and he has one for Brooklynn's due date.
I was talking to him yesterday morning and he told me that we have 103 days and that on Wednesday we will be in the double digits! Holy cow!! So close to 99 days to go!
Where has the time gone?!?!?
I remember sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas telling Eric that as soon as January hit that time was just going to fly by. Well, it most certainly has!! It just keeps getting closer and closer.

Last weekend (as part of our Valentine's date) Eric went shopping with me so that I could get some more shirts and while we were at Burlington Coat Factory I gave him my big puppy dog eyes and asked if we could get something for Brooklynn.
Well, because he is so amazing and loves me so much he said that I could, on one condition....he had complete veto power and I was able to override his veto once. He is such a funny man!! The whole veto came in because he does not want everything to be PINK. In fact one of the first things he said after our ultrasound was that I was going to have to tell my friends that they can't buy a bunch of pink things. (Fortunately for him I am more of a purple person than a pink person).
Anyways....we settled on this adorable 4 piece set (even though it's pink!) because it was too cute to pass up!

Brooklynn hasn't really been moving any more than she has the past few weeks, but the other night as I was going to sleep I felt like she had some pretty big kicks that I could feel on my belly. So I've been trying to get Eric to feel her. Unfortunately she moves very sporadically and he hasn't been able to feel it yet. Maybe this week....


  1. Your dad must be super excited to be a grandpa. How cute. Baby girl clothes are seriously THE CUTEST. I think Target consistently has the cutest girl clothes, ever.

  2. Oops. I got some adorable clothes for her as well. :) And some may have pink on them. But oh well - what can you do!!!

  3. You are so stinkin' cute! Love the new clothes. There is really more to girls than pink... I swear (but what do I know?)