Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another week down....

Brooklynn has survived another week and is now 6 weeks old!
(We've finally moved out of newborn onesies!)
Our little one continues to get stronger and stronger. She is able to hold her head up longer and more securely. I really think that Eric will be taking her rock climbing when she gets older! She really loves to climb up our shoulders. And when she is mad she climbs without the support of our hands! She really hasn't developed any new tricks or talents, she is just working on perfecting the ones she already has!
Like smiling! We have been able to coax some smiles out of her and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. Seriously, if I didn't already love her to death her smile is enough to put me over the top.
Come on! How could you not love that face?!?!
Brooklynn has had quite the exciting last couple of days. She took her first trip into the city and went to the Bite of Seattle. She enjoyed it so much she slept most of the time! It's amazing to me that babies can sleep amidst so much noise and craziness, but sleep she did. I love the Bite of Seattle because, well, I love food! This year we even watched a food eating contest. Jimmy Johns (my favorite sandwich shop) challenged 3 professional eaters to see who was faster-the sandwich makers or the sandwich eaters. (For those of you who don't know anything about Jimmy John's their slogan is "Freakishly Fast"). They had 5 minutes for sandwich making/eating. The sandwich makers made 22 sandwiches and the eaters managed to put back 21 of them. They have done this contest like 7 other times and the sandwich makers always win, but this was the closest it has ever been. I am so sad that I forgot our camera in the craziness of getting out the door!
Brooklynn also got to experience her first beach, such as it is! We went to Dash Point with Ali for FHE yesterday and just enjoyed being outside. We finally have some summer weather and it is great!
Yup, that's blue sky and sun in the background!

I swear, she does this all by herself! She has so many cute "poses" that involve her hands by her face! She sure does love having them up there!


  1. SO CUTE!!!!!!! I love Brooklynn's face in the picture of you and Ali. I am so excited to see you all very soon. Love ya!

  2. Found your blog! Love that smile! And thanks again for inviting me to the Bite of Seattle with you guys, I had a blast.

  3. Great shot of her sweet smile!