Friday, July 16, 2010

5 weeks

Brooklynn turned 5 weeks old on Monday. I can't believe it!! 
She is more and more alert and aware of her surroundings and I absolutely love it! On Sunday she was sitting on our bed staring over her left shoulder, like she always does, and when I started talking to her and she actually turned her head to look at me!! I know it's small, but that is really the first time that she has responded  to my voice. She is also getting better at following people with her eyes, even when my dad is walking circles around her to see if she will follow! And she finally smiled at me! Oh my goodness, melt my heart! It was the cutest thing ever! She is still learning how to smile though, so it is pretty random when she will decide to smile and it isn't on demand yet. But she's figuring it out and I'll take her practice smiles any day and any time!
Probably her best trick is picking up her head. She has always been a strong baby and has pretty much picked her head up from the day she was born, but now she is SO strong and will hold her head up for a good couple of minutes.
(It looks like Eric is suspending himself in the air, but really he's on the exercise ball.
 He's good, but he's not that good!)
She is such a pro! I love it (and her)!
Her other trick has us thinking she is going to be a mountain climber (and Eric thinks she is going to start crawling early!). She loves to climb up our chests! If you put her feet in your hands she will push off and pick up her legs and keep doing it until she is about to go over your shoulder! We think it's pretty amazing that her legs are strong enough and that she has figured out how to use them so well already.
Well, I guess we just think that she is amazing and perfect. She just gets cuter and cuter every day and constantly amazes us with her growth and development. It is so fun to watch her and see what she will do next. Fortunately it appears that she is growing! She finally grew out of her Newborn onesies! She is still wearing her newborn dresses, outfits, and most of her sleepers though.
Oh my goodness!! She is just so precious and we can't get enough of her!!

(I finally got this post done and now she is almost 6 weeks!!)


  1. She is very cute. Um, is that pink I see her in?

  2. I know just what you mean. Every little thing they do is amazing. I am glad she is so strong and healthy. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!