Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Are we there yet??

I know, it's a little late!

So last week we went to Utah for Ali's wedding, and yes, we drove! It was our first long car ride with Brooklynn (the farthest we have gone before our Utah trip was Yakima!). Brooklynn has had a love-hate relationship with her carseat and being in the car since the day she was born. We have had many nights coming home from my parents house where she would scream the whole way home! Considering her history of being in the car she did really well. We drove straight through (from Eric's parents house in Wapato) on the way there. We were traveling for 11 hours and only stopped for a picnic lunch and a carseat break just outside of Boise. Brooklynn was the perfect little traveler until just outside of Salt Lake. She had a few moments of fussiness but other than that she slept pretty much the whole way. 
Look at that tired little traveler!
The drive home was a whole different story! We broke it up into two days, stopping in Boise the first night, and after spending 4 days in the  car Brooklynn was beyond done! We had to stop every few hours to console her as she would start screaming! She wouldn't even sleep longer than an hour without waking up screaming. Poor little baby! I promised her a break from her carseat and so we are staying home all day today!
We're in the car again?!?!
We had a great time in Utah visiting family and friends and most importantly attending Ali & Kyle's sealing. 
Congrats Ali & Kyle!
Brooklynn did great in unfamiliar surroundings and loved being passed around to Aunts and Cousins who wanted to love on her! I think we pretty much ran her ragged as we were out and about and she didn't always get a good nap in. But she slept well at night and even let us sleep in until 9:00 when she went back to sleep after all her night feedings. 
Looking beautiful for the wedding!
It's very tiring being so cute!
Brooklynn hit a few milestones while we were gone. She turned 2 months old the day of Ali's wedding! I cannot even believe how fast the last 2 months have gone. It is so amazing to watch our little girl grow. I love how observant she is, she has to take everything in and is not happy unless she is able to see every corner of a room. She really is pretty mellow and content to just be. She has been a good sleeper from 3 weeks on and I don't think that I could ask for a better baby! Speaking of sleeping, the night before Ali's wedding Brooklynn surprised me and slept 8 hours straight! I almost couldn't believe it! (She even repeated her amazingness last night as well!). I hope that this is the start of something great! 
That's right, this little just slept 8 hours straight (and then another 3 after eating)!!
My two babies sleeping peacefully!
She has also started drooling! Before our trip she had definitely started slobbering and would soak your shoulder if you left her up there too long. But while we were in Utah she started soaking her front! She loves to blow bubbles with her saliva and then she just lets it dribble on down! 
Notice the drool accumulating!
We had her 2 month appointment when we got home. Brooklynn is now 11 lbs 23 5/8 inches. She is in the 95th percentile for height and 70th percentile for weight. We always hear how tiny she is from people who stop to admire her, but she is definitely above average! I love Brooklynn's Doctor, she is so nice and takes the time explain things about her development. I think that Brooklynn likes her as well because as soon as I put down on the table to be checked out she was smiling. It was actually the easiest I have ever seen Brooklynn give a smile to anyone (maybe aside from my mom). I am very happy to report that Brooklynn is a healthy baby! And her Doctor was very impressed with her ability to hold up head, she said that Brooklynn is at a 4th month level in that regard. Way to go Little One!!
Sitting up on her own in her Bumbo!
It's also fun to eat our Bumbo!
 I am also very happy to report that Brooklynn's hair is growing! Her peach fuzz on the top of her head is no longer fuzz! There is actually length to it! So exciting!!
She's getting SO big!!

Some more pictures, just because she's so cute!!

She's getting so good at standing!
We love bathtime!

Spending time with Aunt Ali before she went off to get married


  1. She is a turbo little one! So cute. I showed Asher and Soren the video of her trying to crawl and they loved it and kept asking to watch it, saying, "What he doing?" I told them she was trying to crawl and they thought that was pretty cool.

  2. I love all of the pics! I especially love the caption under the picture of her and your dad at the wedding... Was it referencing HER or your dad? I could send confusion...hahaha... Love ya! See you tomorrow night!