Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time to say Goodbye....

I love my sweet baby girl with all of my heart!
How could you not love this sweet little face?!
 I love her even when she decides to wake up at 1:00 am instead of 4:00 am for the last 2 weeks. And I even love her when she decides to get back to her good sleep schedule but stay awake for an hour after eating when I would much rather go back to sleep! I do not, however, need the extra pregnancy weight to prove my love to her! It is definitely time to be proactive about losing those extra pounds! So I am saying goodbye to my pregnancy weight, and I don't think I will miss it!
Brooklynn and I have started taking morning walks. We get up and go first thing in the morning because I know that I would not go otherwise. I found a great 5 mile (to my best estimation) loop and it takes about an hour and a half. And I think that next week I will start jogging part of it (I need time for my out of shape body that is carrying too much weight to work up to jogging with a stroller!).
Here's to losing weight!

So, my little girl is now 16 weeks old and will be 4 months in a week and a half!
She has been cracking me up with her love of her hands lately. She spends most of the day with her fingers in her mouth (I may have mentioned she is in the "gag yourself" phase) and will put anything she can get her hands on into her mouth. She gets so excited when she has something in her hand because she can't wait to eat it. More often than not her own hand gets in the way and makes it to her mouth first. This must not be as much fun because she gets this disappointed look on her face when she realizes she is eating her own hand! She now prefers her hand to her pacifier and will knock out her pacifier in order to get her fingers in there (which she has even done on occasion when she is eating. Who needs to eat for real when you have fingers to eat?!?)

She's about to get that cow!
Got it! Look at those eyes! SO cute!
Holy Cow! My little girl is getting so big!
Smiling at Daddy
Some cousin lovin'! I'm pretty sure she is eating Bryson as he eats her!

Sweet girl!


  1. She is especially cute when she eats her hands the whole time I was trying to talk to her on Skype! :P

  2. She is SO DANG CUTE with those killer smiles. Awesome. Give her a kiss for me. And kudos on your walks/jogs- it's not easy, but you totally can do it. I'm impressed- an hour and half is a long time!