Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Extravaganza

We had quite the Christmas celebrations this year! Even though Brooklynn really had no idea what was going on  or that she was getting presents it was still fun having our first Christmas with her! And boy was it a busy one!
It started with my sister, Ali, coming into town the week before Christmas. It was so much fun to have that time with her and it only could have been made better if Kyle had been able to make it up with her. She hadn't seen Brooklynn since August so it had been awhile. 
So, what did we do the week before Christmas?
We ushered A Christmas Carol at the Act Theater and really enjoyed watching the play ourselves. They do a really good job and we hope to be able to usher again in the coming years.
We had a party with the Comptons where there was tons of food, presents, and family that we enjoyed spending time with.
All the Compton Grandkids (for the next week or so)
We had an early Christmas with my family while Ali was in town.
Helping Grandma cook "Christmas" dinner
(Brooklynn's gifts far outweighed ours the entire weekend! She got lots of toys, books, and clothes. Most of which she has already enjoyed playing with!)

We went to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens for their Garden of Lights display. I was slightly dissapointed to see that they are now charging for this festivity, but I guess times are tough on everyone and they need to make some money somehow! Despite my feelings we still really enjoyed the lights display and all the neat animals and flowers they create.

And last, but not least, we headed over to Wapato to spend Christmas weekend with family over there. We had a fun weekend filled with food, cousins, and games.

 We are so blessed to have both of our families so close and to be able to spend so much time with them, especially at this time of year.

Now, for a Brooklynn update:
She continues to keep me on my toes! She decided a week before Christmas to take her first step, literally one step. She has since repeated that feat and has upped her amount to as many as 5-6. She wants to be walking SO bad!
She has started climbing. She will climb on anything and everything that she can!
Climbing on her cool toy from P-Pa and Granmda Perkins

She had her first major accident. She climbed off the edge of the couch and hit her forehead on the coffee table.
You can see the bruise/bump on her forehead
and the little bruise on her cheek.
She is sleeping MUCH better at night. Letting her "cry it out" really worked. She will sleep at least 8 hours now and occasionally will sleep completely through the night (like 11-12 hours). She still has some bad nights where she cries multiple times a night, but for the most part we are both getting sleep. However, she does not really let us put her to sleep anymore. She fights and fights and fights, so we have to resort to letting her cry herself to sleep.
She is beginning to be quite the ham. We constantly get comments about how cute Brooklynn is and I think that she understands and plays it up. She has this new smile where she scrunches up her nose and closes her eyes tight. If she is really happy/excited she will also throw her head back while she does it.
 It's pretty darn cute!

We have been struggling for the last 2 months to get her to eat rice cereal or any of the pureed fruits/veggies. She has had little tolerance for being confined in her bumbo or a high chair to be fed add that to her grabbing at the spoon constantly and we have one difficult feeding session. Every now and then she would let us feed her and she would eat like a champ, but that was a rare occasion. We tried giving her a spoon of her own or putting cheerios on the tray with her, but as soon as you try to get the other spoon to her mouth that is the one she wants! While we were eating Christmas dinner I was trying to distract her so I was breaking up pieces of roasted potato and she was gobbling them up. We put her in the high chair and she sat there for a good 20 minutes eating! Breakthrough in the eating department! Since then she has had carrots, sweet potatoes, and avocado and she LOVES them! It is especially nice to be able to give her a tray of food while Eric and I eat.
Doesn't she just look so tiny in the huge high chair?

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  1. I love her smile! What a sweetheart. It is so fun to see her holding her weekly signs! What a charmer!