Friday, December 16, 2011

18 months old

Our sweet baby girl is now 18 months old (last Wednesday)! How did that happen? I cannot get over how much she has changed in the last 6 months. She really is like a little person now. She has all of her teeth now, so gone are the tooth gaped baby smiles. Her hair is getting so long, which means all her baby fuzz is gone. And she is talking a TON, which is definitely not baby-like at all!
She continues to be very active and will climb anything she can reach, her little legs don't always make this the easiest, but she always manages to figure out a way. She has almost no fear whatsoever, so it's good that Eric and I have strong nerves. It is a very rare sight to see her actually sit down and stay there for more than a minute (usually this happens at night after dinner when we are winding down from the day). She is very social, especially if there are other little people around, and loves to be the center of attention. But she is also really good at playing alone and entertaining herself, which is really nice for me!
While we were in Utah she became obsessed with TV for some reason (it was really weird because it was like never on). She now is constantly asking to watch a "doh" (show). She loves Sesame Street, Curious George, The Backyardigans, Arthur, and Super Why. She is so obsessed with her shows that she knows how to turn on Netflix on my phone and start her own show!
Brooklynn loves to help her Mommy and Daddy, and most of the time she really is a good helper. She likes to help me load the laundry, she'll take Eric's lunch tupperware and put it in the sink and will even put her own dishes in the sink as well, and she loves to push in her chair when she is done eating. While I am making lunch or dinner she will often go to her play kitchen and say that she is cooking as well.
Brooklynn loves to put her own clothes on....they just aren't neccesarily where they belong and she usually has other clothes on already! But she is getting really good at putting on socks and pants and getting a shirt over her head.

We have struggled with her solid food eating and milk drinking, but she is starting to get better with both. She will eat most of anything I give her, as long as it doesn't have meat in it. The only exception to that is chicken nuggets, fish sticks and sometimes hotdogs. She is even starting to drink some milk, the most she'll drink in one day is about 8 oz.
We are definitely in the "terribles" phase. Lots of little breakdowns throughout the day, usually the result of having to share or being told that she can't have my phone. When it comes time to fix dinner is when she has the biggest meltdown. As soon as I go to make dinner she has to have me right the second! She is really struggling with sharing right now and doesn't really want anyone to play with her toys most of the time. Her favorite words right now: Mine and No. Good times!
Some other new fun words she is saying:
*ight= light
*mote/momote= remote
*unch= lunch
*ninner= dinner
*dekfas= breakfast
*diader= diaper
*dank you
*all done

**Sometimes she will say please, thank you, or sorry without being prompted! Such a proud moment to see that she understands manners on a small level!**
***Funny story: last night Brooklynn was force feeding me fish crackers and after she hard core forced on into my mouth she told me to say "Thank you." When I didn't say thank you she put her hand to my mouth to sign it for me as she say said thank you.***
I love my sweet little girl!

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