Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fall Catchup

I was looking at my blog the other night and I can't believe my last post was in July! The biggest shock to me were the pictures of Brooklynn. She looks like a totally different girl now! It is definitely time to get back on the blogging bandwagon!

Our summer was filled with days playing at the park and backyard sprinklers. We even had a few opportunities to get together and play with cousins, which is always a favorite. I am still surprised at how fast the summer flew by!
ALL of the Compton grandkids. It's not very often
that all 9 of them are together at one time.

In August Brooklynn and I took her first plane ride to visit Aunt Ali and Uncle Kyle in Utah. We don't get to see them nearly enough so it was great to have a week to spend time with them and for Brooklynn to get to know them some more. We had a great time visiting with family and old friends. The worst part of the trip: the HOT weather (and being away from Daddy for a week). This mommy does not like hot weather!!
Getting her energy out before our flight to Utah.
Meeting Jennie's baby Adeline. Brooklynn LOVES babies!
More from our trip: a visit to the aqaurium, playing at the park, and hanging out on BYU campus while Aunt Ali was in class.

Life has been pretty busy and sometimes hectic the last few months. I started watching my nephew full days instead of half days twice a week. Luckily I can get him and Brooklynn to nap at the same time! I also started watching another little girl a few times a week. The first month it was full days like 3 times a week, now it's half days like twice a week. I definitely like the the new schedule much better. Our house is sometimes crazy during the day and it's hard to get things done, but it's nice to be able to bring some extra money in.
My full house!
We had a great Halloween as the Flintstones. I made all our costumes, without patterns, and was super happy with the outcome. I literally finished my dress when it was time for us to go to the trunk or treat in my parent's ward! We were definitely a hit trick or treating at the mall. People were asking to take our picture and everything, it was crazy!

For Thanksgiving we spent a week with Eric's family in Wapato. It was so nice and relaxing. (Except for when we braved the crowds for Black Friday shopping, what a crazy night!) I love when Brooklynn is able to spend time with her cousins. I love seeing them all together and watching them play. It is pretty much non stop play at Grandma's house when we are all there! While we were there we took a train ride to "the North Pole" and met Santa and Mrs. Clause. Brooklynn barely tolerated them this year.

At the train depot checking out the trains before taking our train ride to the "North Pole."

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