Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So, without a doubt the theme of our home buying process is delay. The purchasing process was frustrating and full of crazy delays and I wish that I could say that the renovation process was smooth and crazy free! 
We are SOO ready to be done and in our house. And we would have been, but we have again been plagued with delays.
The framers and the plumber got stuck on other jobs, so they started about a week behind schedule on our house.When the plumber turned on the water in the rental water started pouring out of the ceiling (both houses are slab on grade, so the plumbing is in the ceiling). Apparently the pipes cracked over the winter. So the entire plumbing had to be replaced. The framers started working and had all but 4 windows done (2 of which also required new walls to be built) and someone from the city happened by. Apparently we need to have a permit in order to replace our windows! Our contractor has never had to have a permit in order to put in new windows and even the inspector, or whoever, said that it's probably just a money maker for Auburn. Fortunately he allowed them to continue working enough to build the wall that had been ripped out since the rain was coming! Hopefully our permit will be obtained tomorrow and work can resume so that we can't paint next week and move on the weekend. We would really like to move next weekend so that we can be in our house before the mortgage is due!
But the good news is that I don't have to rush to pack!!

In other news.....

I have lightened my load during the week. I had some rough weeks where I found myself in a funk that was not allowing me to be a good wife and mother. My child watching schedule had increased and I no longer had any part of my day without any kids to watch. It was just way too much for me. Not having the freedom to get out of the house to run errands or do something fun with Brooklynn was affecting me more than I knew or thought that it would. So we made the decision that I would quit watching the little girl that had been coming since September. It was amazing how just making that decision lifted the darkness and my spirits, I started to feel more like myself again. I have loved the time that I have had the last few weeks to spend one on one time with Brooklynn and to even have a little more time for myself.

Also, we traded in our Altima for a Chryself Pacifica. We are loving our new car (especially that even with rolling over the remainder of our loan on the Altima our car payment is still a little less that what we were paying before)! Brooklynn especially loves being taller and able to see out the window better and I love that I don't have to bend over to get her in/out of her carseat!!

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