Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here we are!

Brooklynn has just started getting into the mimicking stage. Seriously, it has been so hard to try to get her to repeat or say things, but now it seems like she is constantly amazing me with new words and actual phrases. We spent the day with my parents 2 Saturdays ago because Eric had to work. We took a long drive and ended up on the other side of the Puget Sound. We thought it would be fun to take the ferry back (Brooklynn has only been on one in utero). When we got upstairs and found a seat my dad said, "here we are." Brooklynn pretty much repeated that phrase the whole time we crossed the Sound. It is so cute to hear her excited "Here we are!" exclamation. She has reused her new phrase the last few days and it is super cute every time! 

Some other new words/phrases:
~Light on (She is constantly exclaiming "light!" when she wants to play in the kitchen, but adding "on" was a fun new development)
~ Help please (she has long been saying each word separately but we spent last week working on her combining those two words and she is doing pretty good at it.)
~Phone (she misses the "ph" sound and adds an "n" at the beginning)
~In there (usually referring to the baby when we ask her where he is and she pokes my belly button)
~look (usually when she is telling me to look for trucks and buses in the car for her)
~House (anytime we talk about family we ask where they are and she will say "house." She is so adamant about it that she gets upset if we tell her they are somewhere other than their house). 
~I don't know (it used to be "no know")
~I see you
~I got you
~another one
~other one

Brooklynn is also getting much better at pronouncing words she's been saying for awhile properly. "Doh" has become "show." "Dar" has become "Char." She is also working on her letters and colors. Thanks to "Super Why" she can sometimes point out letters along with the show and will even sound them out with Princess Presto. She also now loves to sit on my lap and pick out the letters on my sweatshirt/shirt, and she's getting pretty good at it. I absolutely love watching her grow and develop this way!
"Here we are!"

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