Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I've been wanting to sign Brooklynn up for gymnastics for quite a while now. I finally got Eric on board with the idea (probably because our Parks and Rec department offers it for $33/month) and intended to sign her up starting in January. Oops! Totally forgot!!
Last Friday I got a great reminder that our little girl needs to try out gymnastics. Brooklynn was playing around and she had her head on the floor and her butt in the air and she just kicked her feet over and did a somersault! I know, I know. It was totally not intentional. But she realized how cool it was after it happened and then she did like 3-4 more, and those were intentional. So I called that afternoon and signed our little Monkey up!
We had her first class tonight and it was tons of fun (and super tiring for this mommy). We were waiting for her class to start she kept saying "play! play!" She did really well considering it was her first time and she's really not used to such structured "playing." Her favorite part was jumping down the long trampoline but she also like swinging on the bar.
It was so crazy trying to keep her in line and not running off and helping her do all the different things that I wasn't really able to take any pictures, maybe someday someone will be able to go with me and they can be the photographer.
Off we excited!!
It's really blurry because she was moving so fast, but
you can still see how much fun she was having.


  1. That's really funny that you just signed up Brooklynn because I just emailed both the gymnastics studios in the area tonight about signing Audrey up! :) Glad little miss sassy pants had fun! What kind of things did they do?

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