Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Finally Hit

And it sure hit hard!! 

Last week we got enough snow to cripple the Seattle area. (We just don't get enough of it on a regular basis so the city is not equipped with snow plows and good preventative measures. Plus, there are so many huge hills in the area that driving around can be pretty treacherous. Call us wimps if you want, but it is what it is). I think we had about 3-4 inches here in Auburn between Sunday and Wednesday morning.

Enjoying the snow on Sunday after church.
Let's go for a walk! (Eric assured me you wouldn't be
able to tell I buttoned her coat wrong....not true!)
So pretty!
Our accumulation

Wednesday was a snow day for the City of Tukwila, but Eric had to go in because no one else would/could and his boss doesn't actually know how to do any IT stuff. We were really looking forward to a snow day so we could play with Brooklynn. It turns out that B is not so much a fan of playing in the snow, but she loves the idea of going out in it and playing or just watching it out the window. We tried to go for a walk while it was snowing on Sunday and it was just a bunch of tears and she refused to walk. I bundled her up on Wednesday and she would only stand on her own in our neighbors tire tracks. But she was super excited when I told her we were going out and she loved being in her snow suit so much that she wouldn't let me take it off for a good 10 minutes after going inside. 
Don't let this face fool you.... spent most the time outside like this!
Done "playing" but still in our snowsuit!

The real trouble came late Wednesday night/Thursday morning. We had some freezing rain that completely covered our trees and bushes in like 1/2-1 inch of ice. Therwere tons of branches and trees that came down, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of people losing their power. We were the lucky recipients of losing power at 5:45 Thursday morning! We had no idea when we would be getting our power up so we packed ourselves up and headed to my parents house because they never lose power! We called everyday at least once to get an update on when our power would come back we were always told that they had no estimate of when they would be able to fix our outage. So we "moved" in with my parents and stayed with them from Thursday mid-morning until Monday evening. We found out on Monday that we had power and a neighbor informed us that our power returned Friday night! While we were happy to find out our power was on it was frustrating to be told for 3 days that we did not have power and they had no idea when it would be fixed! Regardless of the frustration of being misinformed we are very blessed to have my parents so close and that they are willing and able to take us in and keep us warm and fed. We are especially grateful that we had a place to go at this time because Brooklynn ended up getting sick and needing multiple baths that we would not have been able to give her with our power out!  Despite being sick, she had a great time spending a long weekend with Nana and Papa.

Some of the results of the icestorm in our neighborhood:
This tree is right outside our door and was
hanging so low I hit my head a few times!
a tree in our backyard
our privacy bushes almost completely covering Brooklynn's slide/climber
(they have mostly gone back upright...only a few branches were too weak to go back up)
ice we took off a branch
Some broken trees down our street:

Hanging out at the refugee center:

We saw a lot of this face over the weekend. Poor sick baby.
We played some Wii bowling and Brooklynn thought
we were playing Kinect and tried to play along.

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