Tuesday, January 24, 2012

19 months

I started this post at the beginning of the month, when Brooklynn turned 19 months....now she is almost 20 months! Oops!
There really isn't anything special about Brooklynn's monthly milestones anymore, but it's just nice to have a reason to update. We just had a well-child appointment and our little peanut is now: 33 inches tall (80th percentile) and 23 lbs 2 oz (30th percentile). It's funny because sometimes I look at her and am so amazed at how big she is and old she is starting to look and act, and other times I look at her and think that she is so tiny!

Brooklynn continues to run around ALL DAY long. Her energy is boundless. Many times as she is running around like a child hopped up on caffeine (which she is not) I get asked, "Is she like this all day long?" The answer is YES! She continues to have no fear (except for loud noises) and is constantly trying new death defying feats.

She has a new found love for singing "If you're happy and you know it," "The itsy bitsy spider," and "Old Mac Donald." We usually bust them out in the car in order to keep her happy. The only down side...once we start she doesn't want us to stop!

We are struggling with the concept of sharing right now. I know that it happens to everyone, which is why I am not too worried. But it still isn't very fun to deal with, especially when I have 1-2 other children in the house that would also like to play with toys. A few nights last week she would cry out "mine, mine, mine" in her sleep. Maybe she was dreaming about being back at her P-Pa's house with 3 of her cousins and having to share all of her toys there!

She continues to surprise us with new words randomly. The other day we were in the bathroom and she pointed to the clock and said "clock." I don't even remember talking to her about clocks or ever pointing one out to her, so I'm not sure where it came from! She is getting better at repeating words that we say, but normally not when we are actually trying to get her to say them! Such a stubborn girl has to do things on her own terms! The one word that she struggles with (and that I know she used to say and still knows how to say) is "more." For some reason she says "Neh." We don't know where or why this has come about. She will occasionally say "more" if we fully and exaggeratedly enunciate it for her, but she's been in a stubborn mood lately and wont even do that.

We are still slowly working on potty training. She is getting good at telling us when she is poopy or wet and on occasion will tell us before she actually poops. She will sit on the potty now, but we still can't get her to do anything while she is there. We'll get there though. Hopefully we can have her trained before the baby comes the end of June, it would be so nice not to have 2 kiddos in diapers!

 Brooklynn is a great helper and loves to bring me things and help me in the kitchen. She always wants to be up on the kitchen counter right in the mix of things. My mom is really good with her in the kitchen and always takes the time to let Brooklynn pour or stir or play in bubbles while she does the dishes. Something I don't always take the time to do.

(Notice a trend in the last few pictures? Brooklynn sure loves to be naked!!)

Brooklynn is obsessed with bags/purses. If she has a bag to carry around she is a happy girl. She has an adorable church bag that my mom made for her and she always insists on carrying it herself. Sometimes she even insists on taking it when we go grocery shopping or running other errands. It is so cute to watch her carry a bag around. She also discovered the stickers in my crafting drawers and has been obsessed with them. She is constantly asking to have stickers and she loves to put them on her face and ours, as well as on pieces of paper (and sometimes the floor and the couch).

Brooklynn has also become obsessed with Elmo and constantly is asking for him. She also loves Big Bird, which surprised me because we haven't seen too much of him on the newer episodes of Sesame Street. Her other favorite show to watch is Super Why. She is always asking for WhyWhy.

Brooklynn has almost perfected her skill of dressing herself. She is super amazing at putting on her own shirt (and taking it off as well) and can now pull her own pants up. The only hitch with the pants is that she hasn't quite figured out that she has to pull her pants up in the back as well, so she usually has a cute little diaper bum hanging out of her pants. Her shirt isn't always on the right way, but we'll work on that! She loves to take off and put on her socks too. She hasn't quite mastered her shoes, but she's trying.

We have entered a bad sleeping phase. We went through a few weeks where she would wake up at 2:00 in the morning and when we would get her back to sleep she would refuse to go back in her bed. We are not sure how she does it, but even sound asleep she knows we are trying to put her back in bed and she will cling on for dear life and cry. Which means she was spending about half the night in our bed just so that we could get some sleep ourselves. We finally got it figured out that if she is in bed by 7:30 she will sleep through the night. So Brooklynn now has a new bedtime. We've still had a few problems with her sometimes waking up at 5:00 or so due to her not feeling well, but we are thankfully back to sleeping through the night! Even though it was frustrating and tiring there was still a silver lining in the situation (which I think is true for most hard/challenging parenting situations): the early morning hours when I am hoping she will fall back to sleep in bed with us so that I can get another 30-60 minutes of sleep is when she gives the best love! I get so many sweet little kisses all over my face and hugs that just make me melt!

Brooklynn LOVES cream of wheat. That little girl almost can't get enough hot cereal! She also has a new found love for scrambled eggs. She is a really good breakfast eater and will gobble up her whole plate. But she is a little hit and miss with lunch and dinner. Give her a snack though and she is in heaven! She loves chips, fruit snacks, crackers, and of course candy. Poor little girl didn't stand a chance! At least she gets one good meal in her. (And I promise we don't just let her eat junk food all day. We hardly ever have chips and when we do they normally are tortilla chips and we don't keep candy in the house. Thankfully the Holidays and all the goodies that come with them are over!)

We definitely have our moments, but all in all I couldn't ask for a better little girl. She is going to be a great big sister!

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  1. She is so cute and I love seeing glimpses of you in her!