Thursday, January 5, 2012


**I started this almost a week ago, but blogger wouldn't upload my pictures and I just now got around to getting back to it. And I had so many fun pictures I thought I would try a collage**

I hope everyone had as great of a Christmas as we did!!
Our Christmas started early with the surprise arrival of Ali and Kyle on Thursday evening! We had no idea that they were coming and showed up to my parents house for dinner to find their car parked outside. It was great to have them home and to be able to spend time with them. We had so much that I never got around to taking a picture of just the two of them like I had planned.

Christmas Eve was our annual Doughnut making with my family. This year my parents changed it up and did an open house. It was really fun to have everyone come over and enjoy the fresh out of the fryer doughnuts and visit with them. My dad and I have traditionally been the fryer and the glazer (for the last 10 years or so), but shortly before everyone started arriving Dad burned himself pretty badly and once the crowd gathered Brooklynn was overwhelmed and needed Mommy so we swapped out with Eric and Kyle. They may be novices, but they did an amazing job and kept up with the demand for doughnuts!
After resting from our demanding morning of doughnut production we went bowling with some family friends and then joined them for soup and a Christmas program.

We stayed at my parents house that night and Brooklynn barely slept, so it made for a tired and crabby Mommy, Daddy and Babers. Fortunately Brooklynn napped through most of sacrament meeting, so by the time we got home to open presents she was moderately happy. Brooklynn absolutely loved opening presents! To her the big deal was ripping the paper off and she would usually just walk away from the actual present and we would have to call her attention to what she was getting! It was so fun to watch her open her presents (and try to steal other people's presents that she helped open).

Our final Christmas celebration was actually on New Years Day. We got together with the Compton clan for the Annual party and gift exchange.We ate tons of food and had fun visiting with family we don't see quite as often. Brooklynn got to play with all her cousins and managed to sneak tons of candy and sweets, it's pretty much all that she ate! She also got to open up some more presents from Eric's aunts and uncles. Definitely a fun way to end our Holiday season and start the new year!

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