Monday, February 6, 2012

20 weeks

So I have finally decided that I look pregnant and not fat. In fact, at church yesterday as I was climbing over Eric and Brooklynn to get back into our pew I could see the couple behind us whisper to each other. And then he asked if we were expecting another. They did say that it's the first time they have noticed any showing-ness, so hopefully that means I wasn't looking as fat as I thought I was! I guess this makes my prego belly official. So, here's a belly shot (please forgive my end of day no make-up appearance!):

I have also been feeling pretty pregnant the last week or so. My lower back has been killing me! I am experiencing the difficulty breathing (shortness of breath/getting winded) and have chronic nasal congestion. (That combination makes it hard to eat without my mouth open, which Eric loves to make fun of!) I don't remember when that all started with Brooklynn, but I feel like it is way early this time. It is getting more and more uncomfortable to bend over and to have Brooklynn sit/lay on my lap. I have also seen the return of my pregnancy toe cramps. I used to get them pretty frequently even before I was pregnant with Brooklynn and then while I was pregnant with her all I had to do was move my toes the wrong way and they would instantly cramp. No fun and definitely not something that I am excited to have return, especially since I don't recall experiencing any cramps since Brooklynn was born.
One thing that I am excited has not shown up yet (knock on wood!) is heartburn. I remember taking a bite of salsa in my first trimester with Brooklynn and I had almost instant heartburn. I pretty much stopped eating spicy food with her (which seriously decreased my tolerance for my love of spicy food). And even without spicy food I still had heartburn pretty much constantly. With this little bundle I have been eating tons of tabasco and I had a jalapeno burger last Friday. I have yet to experience any heartburn! I wanted to test it out last night, so I had some of my mom's buffalo chicken wings (even though I hate eating meat on a bone). Nothing! Let's hope it never shows up!
We are so excited for our next ultrasound and to find out what this baby is!! We find out later this week, feel free to place your guesses!

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