Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

So the last few days have brought some news into our house.....Last week Eric had an interview with the city of Tukwila. He got a call back yesterday and they offered him a "tentative" job. So they are offering him the position providing he passes a background check and his references pan out. I'm pretty sure that he will pass the background check and you pretty much give references that will talk you up anyways. We are pretty excited about this new job. It will allow Eric to gain more experience (and hopefully more money down the road!). I also heard back from my interview....unfortunately they are "unable to offer me a position at this time." So it's onward and upward I guess.....


  1. Well, that just means that God has something better planned for you. =)

  2. Sorry that didn't work out. I remember when I was going through this a few months ago. There were a couple of positions I interviewed for that I was sure that I would get. But in the end, I got a great job. It wasn't on my time table, which is always frustrating, but I get something that has worked out great.

  3. It's true! It definitely is frustrating. I know that this has to be on the Lord's time and I am trying really hard to accept that! He definitely does have something better planned for me.