Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cuddle Baby

Lately I have really been wishing that I had a cuddly baby. Brooklynn is just WAY too active and doesn't like sitting still long enough to cuddle. Lately it is rare to get her to actually sit in your lap. She would much prefer to be standing in your lap than sitting in it! She does have her rare moments of cuddle time, but hopefully my time will come with her!

My little active girl is 18 weeks old (well, since it's Thursday she's probably closer to 19 weeks now)!!
She is seriously getting so big and learning new skills all the time! She is developing her hand-eye coordination and getting really good at putting her pacifier in her mouth! A lot of times she is just putting the flat side in to chew on, but she will on occasion get the nipple in as well! She is really into toys right now and will reach for them during tummy time. We have fun putting them out of her reach and watching her get them! 
Look at that reach!
Another of her new thing is to pick things up. She will bend in half so that she can get something that she dropped or just something that has caught her eye (like the remote on the coffee table)! She is way interested in whatever she can get her hands on and will grab at it like nobody's business, which can be very helpful when I am, say, taking a drink of water. It is so great to have someone tip the glass for you!

She is getting closer and closer to being mobile. Yesterday she started pushing herself up farther than I have seen her do so far, pushing enough to get her belly off the floor. And a few times she pushed herself high enough so that she was on her knees! 
Look at that! Watch out world!
 She has been turning herself in circles for the past month or so, and now she has added scooting backwards to her repertoire. Guess it's time to think about baby proofing! 
She is getting better and better at sitting herself up and is close to sitting on her own. She makes me laugh when she sits to far forward and she ends up face-planting the couch! So funny!! 

Brooklynn has also been teething for the last few weeks, if not a month or so. She continues to drool enough in one day to fill a kiddie pool! And she is chewing on anything that she can get her hands on, including our hands. She hasn't gotten to the super crabby, "I'm a beast" stage....but she has had small moments of it. 

I can't say enough how much I love my little girl! I have so much fun with her during the day and I am so glad that I can be home with her. I don't know if I have mentioned lately how great of a Daddy Eric is, but he is so amazing! He loves her so much and he is so good with her. When he comes home from work he spends as much time with her. I have to almost fight him for Brooklynn time on the weekends! He is the master at putting her to sleep at church (for some reason I just can't seem to get her to go to sleep at church)!
I am so grateful for my beautiful little family!
"I'm so glad when Daddy comes home!"
Love, love, love that sweet face!


  1. We have that Halloween outfit too!!! Are you coming to Ashley's bridal shower on the 30th? Audrey is wearing a costume so Brooklynn (and Bryson) should too!! Don't you love how much cuter and more interactive they're getting?! I love these girls :)

  2. I hadn't heard about the bridal shower. Where is it?