Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weekend of Fun

This past weekend we went to Wapato to see Eric's parents and to have a girls craft day. We had tons of fun spending time with his parents and our nieces and nephew. (It's kind of sad when Nicole lives like 15 minutes from us and we have to both drive all the way to Wapato to spend time with her and Bryson! Horrible!) We only saw Addison and Chloe for a short time, but they are cute as ever!
(The only picture I was able to get with Chloe and Addison in it. I just barely missed Brooklyn and Chloe giving each other loves)
Brooklynn seemed to really enjoy her time with Bryson. Anytime he was around she would crane to be able to look at him. She didn't even mind him sticking his fingers in her mouth and poking her face. And she definitely tried to eat him as much as he tried to eat her. Perhaps they will be good friends!

I LOVE this picture!
We girls ended up making Fall Wreaths. I have never actually made a wreath before, but have wanted to so it was great! I love crafting and I have really wanted to start some projects (I still haven't started mine and Eric's scrapbook or Brooklynn's) but I just don't have the space to do it right now. Hopefully that will change really soon!

My finished product.....I think it turned out pretty good.
We put her in the highchair while we ate breakfast...she looks so tiny in it! (And super relaxed!)
Big smiles for he Aunt Dani
It was FREEZING in our house when we got home so she snuggled under the blanket with Daddy.

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