Friday, November 19, 2010

Catching up

So last week both Eric and I were sick and this week was crazy busy with things that I had going on. My blog sort of fell to the wayside and now it's time to catch up!

Brooklynn is now 5 months old!!
 When did that happen?!?! I really can't believe how fast my sweet little girl is growing! 
What's going on with our 5 month old?
*She is days away from crawling! She can move her feet like a pro now she just needs to figure out how to move her hands. She sometimes moves her feet so much that her bum is straight up in the air! If she had the strength and understanding then she would definitely be standing! 

*She has found a new favorite "toy" in our barstool! She loves it because she can stand all by herself (and the rungs are perfect for chewing on). She gets so confident in her abilities that she thinks she can stand holding with just one hand, which after an extended amount of time results in a face plant!
*She has developed this really cute habit of smiling with her bottom lip tucked in then she smacks her lips and gives you a great big smile. Can I just say that it is the cutest thing in the world!
*She has entered the shy phase and will smile at people and then bury her face in my shoulder.
*She is also in the clingy stage and always wants her Mommy, but if I'm not around it's out of sight out of mind (which is definitely a good thing)!
*She has discovered zippers and thinks that they are super fun to play with.
*She has finally started to grow out of most her 3 month clothes so we now have a whole new wardrobe (most of which is too big!) 
*She LOVES bath time and I think that when she is in the bath she makes connections on how to move. The other day she was sitting in the tub and trying to get her duckies in front of her and she scooted herself forward so that she could get it! Crazy!
Can I get in the bath now?!

Kisses for Daddy!
Apparently she loves feet in general...just like her mommy!

Funny face...but look at those eyes! Gorgeous!!

So this crazy week is over...bring on the next few crazy weeks that will be filled with tons of packing and moving into our new apartment!! (We sign the lease and get they keys tonight!)

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  1. Wow - who knew that the bar stool that Aunt Mandy gave you guys would result in so much happiness for Brooklynn????? :)