Friday, November 5, 2010

Just call me Martha....

.....but without the prison sentence!

Someone from Eric's work gave us a couple pairs of baby legs for Brooklynn and I absolutely LOVE them!
I love that she can wear skirts or dresses still and not have to wear tights (which are annoying when it comes to diaper changing). What I don't love is the price! I was not about to spend $10 myself!

So I made my own!! I found a tutorial on my favorite crafting site to make baby legging out of women's knee socks. Target has a bunch of knee socks for $2 and so I bought 3 pairs earlier this week, and 2 of the pairs ended up being $1 when they rung up!! So I made 3 pairs of baby legs for $5, 1/2 the price of buying a pair!

My mom brought me a sewing machine (she had 2 extra at her house that aren't hers!) last night and helped me figure out the tutorial. For some reason I was having a hard time visualizing part of the instructions. Since I don't have a ton of space in our current living situation it went on the coffee table! Ask how much fun it is to sew on your knees!  Another reason I am SO excited for our move....I will have more space in the living room and be able to craft!

Brooklynn played while I sewed this morning.
When she got cranky I bought myself 5-10 more minutes by giving her some naker time!

My finished product: 
 I love the striped ones because they can literally go with anything!
 I think they turned out pretty good! I am way proud of myself!
 Brooklynn modeling her first pair of mommy-made baby legs!
 Isn't she an amazing model!?! (And getting super good at standing!)
Leg warmers are also an excellent choice for working out!

They were super easy and fun to make. I think there might be some Christmas present making in my future!


  1. So cute! I am totally going to make some for Sophie. I will probably be calling you for how to advice. Very Marth if you include the doughnuts and spider cake too.

  2. Cuuuuuuute!! I'm hoping for a sewing machine for Christmas so hopefully I can make cute stuff like that!