Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

We had such a great Halloween weekend, even if Brooklynn is too young to really know what was going on!
We started out with our Ward Trunk or Treat on Friday night. We ate some yummy chili and showed off our Lady Bug. I got pretty crafty with some baking and made a spider cake! My mom has made this several times and I decided that it would be perfect to take to our ward party. I ended up making a S'mores Cake, so it was a graham cracker cake (literally, it had no flour, just graham cracker crumbs!) and a marshmallow frosting. It was definitely yummy!
On Saturday Brooklynn and I headed over to Wapato for a Bridal Shower and then to go trick or treating in Ellensburg with Addison, Chloe and Bryson. Brooklynn definitely has no idea what candy is (other than it has shiny wrappers) and didn't know what we were doing at all, but it was fun to be out with the cousins and I think she enjoyed seeing all the different people and buildings (Ellensburg has a beautiful downtown area, I always loved it when I was at school).
Sunday we had linger longer after church and I again got food crafty and made "eyeballs" out of mini doughnuts! We ended up going to my parents house for caramel apples later in the evening since Brooklynn really is too little for Trick or Treating (and it was Sunday).
It was a pretty simple weekend made special by spending time with family. Nothing is better than that!

In other news:
We are moving!! We decided that it was time to move onto to something bigger than a one bedroom and started looking a month or so ago and found a great place just a few miles south of us in Auburn. It's a two bedroom in a 6-plex and we will even have a yard. The best part is that it is less than what we are paying now. I can't wait to have a room for Brooklynn (and all of her things). It will be so nice to not worry about waking her up when I go into my room. Her room is far away from the kitchen so I won't have to worry about pots and pans banging and waking her up. We wont be moving until the beginning of December so I have plenty of time to pack!

Brooklynn is now 21 weeks old. 
(It was hard to get this picture this week....she was not interested in looking at me, she much preferred playing with her feet and the sign!)
She is getting really good at sitting on her own. All last week she was spending a lot of time on her side when we would lay her down on the floor. So many times we thought she was close to rolling from her back to her stomach, but she would just not follow through! Saturday she was on he side and Eric put a toy just out of her reach to entice her to roll herself. That was all she needed! (Thanks cousin Bryson for sharing your snail toy that is so enticing!) Now we have a rolling machine! Gone are the days of just hanging out for tummy time and the occasional rolling over. If she is down she is all over the place and there is no stopping her. She is a pro at scooting herself backwards, which is something of a frustration for her because it usually happens when she is trying to get something that is in front of her. She also gets up onto her hands and feet, so crawling definitely is not far away. Looks like moving will be a good time for baby-proofing!  
We're still working on the whole cereal thing. She seems to like it and sometimes will eat it like she will never eat again. But mostly she just gets mad at us because we are making her sit still and wont let her grab the spoon. It might just take her a little while to understand that food is worth sitting still for!
"Share with me Daddy?!"
Happy Girl!
Mommy's kitchen helper
Have I mentioned she is obsessed with her feet???
Just a little cousin lovin'!

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