Wednesday, February 16, 2011

8 months!

So Brooklynn turned 8 months old last Monday! (Life has been kind of crazy the last few weeks with sickness and teething, so I'm a little late posting).
 I feel like a broken record, but I really don't know where the time is going. It is just flying by SO fast! And then there is the fact that Brooklynn has stolen away my baby by walking so early. People always look at her and say, "She shouldn't be doing that!" and it's true, she shouldn't! But you just can't keep that little one down!

So, what's going on with our little 8 month old?
*She loves to carry things around. She'll carry anything from a toy to a shoe and even our couch pillows (which is really funny to see because they are almost as big as her!)
She grabbed this little saucepan off the shelf and was
carrying it around...I was just too slow to get the camera!
*Her curiosity has been amplified by her increasing mobility. She discovered in the last few weeks that she could reach the dvds on our entertainment center and that it was super fun to pull them all out! She has also been getting into the speakers and cords that she could get to from the side. So we bought a new entertainment center to keep her away from it all (it took Eric all day on Saturday to put it together! Good thing we moved our Valentine's date to Friday instead of Saturday!)
Enjoying her spoils!
Helping Daddy put the new entertainment center together
*She's started clapping. She had been doing what looked like clapping for a little while, but when I would clap to try to get her to do more she would just stare at me! Like 2 weeks ago we were walking Ellen and she just started clapping like crazy when she came on. She will now clap when you clap and when someone says "yay!"
*When she is excited or when she wants something she flaps her arm (just one, normally her right one). If she really wants something her arm flapping usually ends up hitting me!
*She loves to play with my cell phone and look at the pictures. And she loves to call people so that she can hear their voices. She is so funny about it....if I get a text message and she hears the sound she'll come up to the phone and start "fussing" and it's very clear to me that she wants to talk to someone. So we usually call Ali (because she wont be at work!) and she smiles and kisses the phone while doing her happy grunts.
*Speaking of kisses...she loves to give kisses to her toys and other kids. But if you are not her size it's hit or miss on whether she will give you a kiss or not!
Giving herself kisses in the mirror!
*She still loves taking baths and spends a good portion of her bath time standing up. Last week I asked her to sit down and she did, such a smart cookie!
*She is working on getting tooth number 2 as we speak
If you look really closely you can see her tooth
*She is starting to show a love for climbing. She will climb on anything that is ground level, especially if it will help her to get something that she wants. She even tries to climb out of the tub (fortunately she hasn't tried to climb out of her crib yet!). Am I in trouble or what?
*She loves the dishwasher and loves to kiss/eat the soap dispenser (never with any soap in it).
Silly Girl!
*We still have a pretty petite little girl on our hands. She can still wear some of her 3 month onesies, she still fits into her 0-3 months skirts, and is still comfortably wearing her 6 month pants (and in some cases is just really starting to fill them out).

Eric's sister just had a baby and 2 weekends ago we went to see him and be there for his baby blessing. It was the first time that Brooklynn has really been around a baby that was smaller than her. She loved him! She loved giving him kisses and touching him. It was beautiful that weekend, so we all went to the park. It was the first time that Brooklynn played at the park. She wasn't too sure about the slide, but loved being outside and walking around the playground.

She spends a good portion of her day in this corner by the table, for some reason she really likes to play there!

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  1. Haha... I love love LOVE the picture of her standing on the dishwasher door! haha