Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting Crafty

(Some of you may have already seen this post...I wasn't quite done with it but scheduled it's posting and didn't realize that the date was for last night and not today! Oops! So I am reposting with the changes I made).

So my parents got me a Cricut for Christmas. Yay!! Well, I finally got it out and really used it (I played with it once before, but have been pretty busy). 
I wanted to make myself something that I could write my weekly "to dos" on. So I busted out the Cricut and a frame that I bought at he dollar store awhile ago and made this:
I wanted it to be dry erase, but didn't really want to buy a dry erase board (kinda boring). Since you can write on glass just like a dry erase board this was the perfect solution for me (I was originally going to use transparency paper that I had left over from a Young Women project, but then remembered about this frame). I put magnets on the back so that I can hang it on the side of my fridge and see it right when I walk in the Kitchen. I have to say that I LOVE it!! Well, I don't love the wood frame and I will eventually paint it when I decide what color to do. I love that I can lay out my week and even give myself a "reward" if I get all my work done. I feel so much more focussed and organized, and even though I've only been using it for half a week I feel so productive!

I have so many fun Valentine projects that I want to do! Here are a few of them:

I want to make a felt heart, but I can't decide if I want to do it on a wreath form or a plate. Which one is your favorite?
I found these here and here

I think these little felt poms are so cute (it's a whiffle ball under there)! My plan is to turn them into topiaries.
I found this here

I also want to make my own "LOVE" blocks (which probably wont look anything like these!)
these blocks found here

And how sweet is this:
found here

I also want something fun to give my Visiting Teaching ladies and I found a great idea on a link up party at one of my favorite craft blogs. This blogger made a super cute cookie bouquet that I might just have to replicate!
Isn't that fun?!


  1. Oooh! I love your new to do board!!! :)

  2. I love all of these!!! The heart wreath is SO cute though, I'd pick that one!

  3. What a generous gift! I have a tiny die cut but I like it b/c it can cut felt. I made a similar felt wreath on a simple circle wreath foam. I think both look cute. Great crafty ideas!

  4. Thank you for the shout out for my blocks! I am sure yours look just as good if not better!! Thanks again!