Tuesday, January 11, 2011

7 Months

So Brooklynn turned 7 months last Friday. Once again I am asking myself where the time has gone?!?! It is so hard to believe that it has been 7 months since we were in the hospital welcoming in our sweet baby girl. She has grown and changed so much in those 7 months. We still love her to pieces though and enjoy watching her explore her world. She is getting more and more aware of what is around her and is even starting to test her limits (or mine really). I have no doubt whatsoever that I have a very strong willed, independent child. There really is no stopping my little girl! She keeps me on my toes and I don't think that will be changing anytime soon!
You pull, I'll push!

On Saturday we were at my parents house for a family dinner (my Grandma and Aunt were up visiting) and Brooklynn decided that that would be the night she would walk! She has been walking along things pretty much since she started crawling and right before Christmas she started letting go and taking a few steps (like 3-4). But Saturday night we were seeing some serious walking! She is so proud of herself and gets so excited about what she is doing that she will take a few steps backwards and/or lose her balance all the while smiling her ear to ear "I did it" smile! It is so cute! She is getting pretty good at stopping and balancing herself and even turning. I absolutely cannot believe that she is walking at 7 months! She is way too young (and little)!! But, like I said, there really is no stopping this little girl.

She still is not a big cuddle girl, one thing that I hope will change in the next few months (you can get her to sit in your lap while she is waking up, which takes 5-15 minutes). It is especially hard when she takes a spill (which have been happening a lot these days) because she wont let you comfort her. When she is upset and crying she will crawl to me crying and when I pick her up to give her love she pushes off of me and just stands upright in my arms crying. It's so sad! I think she knows that mommy will make it better, she just doesn't know how to let that happen! 

She may not cuddle, but she has started giving kisses! Last night I asked her for a kiss and I got one! I wasn't sure if it was a fluke or not so I asked her to give Daddy a kiss, and he got one! She gave P-Pa, Grandma, and GiGi (great grandma) kisses when asked as well!  We're going to have to work on her kiss etiquette as she tends to give a lot of tongue! For the time being though, if you ask for a kiss you may get licked! Either way, its a fun new trick!
No more pictures! I want down!!
She has a new favorite room in the house (although she still loves the kitchen)....the Bathroom!! I have found her in there many times standing up and looking into the tub! We now keep the bathroom door closed!

She now loves to play "I'm gonna get you!" Most of the time she gets so excited that she will crawl towards you and then she just flops herself on the floor and waits for you. It's pretty cute!
Good thing for her Grandma loves to play that game too!

(It is getting harder and harder to take these weekly pictures! She is way more interested in eating the paper than letting mommy get a good picture! I have to be really fast and I usually get just one chance to get a non-paper eating picture!)

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  1. NO WAY! Walking at 7 months?!? Watch out, world! She's SO adorable!