Friday, January 21, 2011


So I broke down and finally bought Brooklynn some shoes on Monday. I have been putting it off because I thought the price of baby shoes was a little ridiculous. What can I say? I am cheap! But now that the little one is walking I decided I couldn't put it off any longer. Brooklynn is now the proud of owner of 3 new pairs of shoes (Payless was having their BOGO sale and I found a really cute pair for super cheap). She is getting used to the new sensation of having something other than socks on her feet and adjusting to the difference they make in walking.
 Look at that cute little foot all shoed up!

While she is getting used to that, I have my own adjustments to make. I feel like the introduction of shoes has made me lose a little of my baby! She is no longer my sweet, tiny, little baby girl. She is growing and changing so fast, probably a little faster than I would like! I look back at pictures of her first few weeks and I miss that sweet little bundle of love. But, I know that there is no turning back the clock. And while I will continue to mourn the little things that take away the baby-ness of my little one I also look forward to those things! I love to watch her as she explores and figures things out and realizes that she can do things. The look on her face when she is so proud of herself seriously melts my heart, there is nothing better!
What a difference 30 weeks makes!

Our little walker in action. She is getting so good on her feet! She gets more and more confident every day and is getting really good at stopping and turning. The only problem that she has is that she gets so excited and happy her smile closes her eyes (she gets that from me!).

Have I mentioned that her newfound freedom in movement means she is getting into EVERYTHING!?!?! I thought it was bad before she was walking!
She almost always has something hanging out of her mouth. It is especially cute when she is crawling around with something in there (well, as long as it's something soft), she looks like a little puppy dog.

Mommy's little helper!


  1. Love the shoes! I feel the same way about the price of little people's shoes. I think I will wait til our little man starts walking as well. Glad I'm not the only one, lol! She is a doll and getting so big. Happy to see yall are enjoying your beautiful baby :)

  2. I can't believe she is already walking!! You've got a strong little girl there! She is so cute!!