Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Working out with Daddy

Eric likes to do sit-ups and push-ups in the evenings while we are watching TV and Brooklynn thinks that it is absolutely the coolest thing in the world. When she sees him start to do his sit-ups she gets this super huge smile and "runs" to him. She usually ends up grabbing on to him and gets pulled around while he goes up and down. She loves it. It is absolutely the cutest thing! 
If you look closely you can see the excitement on her face!

In other Brooklynn news:
She is so confident in her walking and her balance now. She spends the majority of her day toddling around the living room, into the hallway, and occasionally into her room. Sometimes while she is playing she will look over at me to check in, give me a huge smile, and walk right into my arms for some love. Melt my heart!  
Remember the "I'm so excited" smile I  was talking about?
Well, this is one version of it!
On Saturday she proved to us that she is a pro at walking on slick surfaces in her socks. There is nowhere that she can't go now! With this newfound skill she has explored the kitchen with new eyes and found that she can open the cupboards! 
She also now stands up wherever she is without anything to help her. We have seen her do this on occasion the last few weeks, but it was always random. Now if she feels like standing up, she does!
Brooklynn has a new love for shoes. She loves to play with them, eat them, and carry them around. She loves her shoes and our shoes. It's kind of funny to see her carrying around one of our shoes because they are almost as big as her!

She continues to be a good eater, as long as you aren't putting a spoon in her mouth! But she has also started playing with her food. She loves to drop her food and then stare at it. It is such a fun game! She also really enjoys putting food in her mouth and taking it out, over and over again!
Yup, it's down there!
She has also decided that she is too cool to wear her bib and is constantly taking it off!

And last, but certainly not least, she cut her first tooth today! She was playing on the floor and I thought I saw blood in her mouth, so I was trying to investigate. I was sticking my finger in her mouth to see if it came out with blood and I felt a little poke of something hard. I fought with her some more and was able to catch a 3 second glimpse of tiny little nub of tooth poking out of her gum! (Oh, and no, there was no blood). I'll have to see if she will let us take a picture sometime soon...it might be impossible!

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